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Exit polls aren’t always reliable, but with Labour strongholds Blyth Valley, Workington and Darlington switching from safe red to blue, it’s looking like at least one of my predictions from many months ago is coming true and by tomorrow the Labour Party’s move towards Marxism will be over along with the odious Momentum movement as Labour’s heartland proves that democracy cannot be ignored without consequences.

Labour supporters and candidates are already queueing up to point the finger of blame at Jeremy Corbyn for what could yet become Labour’s worse result since the 1930s.

Not a single result had actually been declared when a crestfallen John McDonnell was interviewed by Andrew Neil and Tweets were appearing from the likes of Jess Phillips which were already admitting defeat.

I’m watching the BBC because the idea of John Bercow on Sky News fills me with almost as much disgust as I have for the endless stream of blatant lies swamping social media for the past few days.

I can’t see any shocks coming in Essex and East London, but let’s see.

The night is still young.


Edward Case