ELECTION RESULT: Last declaration in England sees Reform take Basildon South & East Thurrock

Reform UK have won their fifth seat in parliament after winning the South Basildon & East Thurrock seat after a dramatic full recount at the Civic Centre in Grays which made the constituency the last result declared in England.

James McMurdock took the contest by just 98 votes over Labour with incumbent Tory Stephen Metcalfe pushed into third place after 14 years as MP on a night when both Basildon seats, which had previously been Conservative strongholds, changed allegiance.

The full result was as follows:

  • James McMurdock (Reform UK) 12,178
  • Jack Ferguson (Labour) 12,080
  • Stephen Metcalfe (Con) 10,159
  • Neil Speight (Ind) 1.928
  • Elizabeth Grant (Green) 1,718
  • Dave Thomas (Lib Dem) 1.071
  • Steven Robert Burnett (Ind) 275
  • Simon Breedon (Social Democratic) 140