Elementary my dear Watson

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The Labour Party has been snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for more than 30 years now, and the comedy of errors took another turn this week.

After harping on about Boris Johnson withdrawing the whip from the 21 rebel Tories who voted against the Government, suddenly on Friday evening, John Lansman, the founder of the notorious Momentum group, tabled a proposal to oust the party’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, by abolishing the post altogether.

Watson is known to be in favour of both a new referendum and of the party coming down squarely to remain in the EU.

He is regularly at odds with leader Jeremy Corbyn, and as Momentum members are fanatical Corbynistas, in their eyes Watson is the antichrist and anyone not following the leader has to go.

I may not be a fan, but Watson is hardly the devil incarnate.

With a general election around the corner and the ongoing mess Parliament is in, Lansman’s move was Labour’s craziest antic since Neil Kinnock’s “victory” rally in Sheffield on the eve of the 1992 general election.

And we all know how that ended.

By Saturday morning Corbyn had stepped on it, but the embarrassment and damage to the party’s credibility was palpable as he was accosted by the media while walking slong the prom prom prom to the Labour Party Conference in Brighton.

The question was simple: “When did you know about the plot against Tom Watson, Mr Corbyn?”

Needless to say, the answer had nothing to do with the question and showed once again that Labour are no more suitable to govern than the anti democratic Liberal Democrats (who are neither – Trading Standards need to have a word there) or indeed any other self serving political party hiding their agenda behind the word democracy. Shame on all of you. You bring dishonour on the cornerstone on which our society is built.

There are politicians in Parliament who are fighting for democracy, but the majority are a disgrace and need to be sent on their way in a general election as soon as humanly possible.

*I love a bit of Gogglebox on a Friday evening, but it appears Leeds sisters Ellie and Issy Warner have put a few noses out of joint after Ellie told her sister about a tag game she plays with her friends which involves trying to touch an opponents bum or boobs,

The game is called #MeToo, which has apparently outraged every decent thinking human being on the planet. There are even calls for them to be dropped from the programme.

What’s wrong people? It’s a joke – and a funny one at that. It made me laugh anyway.

It’s a throwaway comment that doesn’t require any action on Channel 4’s part and certainly no apology from Ellie Warner.

It would be outrageous if either happened.

For goodness sake folks, unpucker your bums and lighten up a bit.

* TV advertisements are getting way too clever for their own good.

They certainly stick in your mind, but for all the wrong reasons.

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching some annoying bloke (nowhere near as annoying as the taxi driver in the Go Compare ads, but bad enough) riding a massive inflatable rubber duck. It took until last weekend to realise what they are selling, and even then I had to ask my girlfriend.

And now I’ve forgotten again. Mostly because I just don’t care.

The same goes for that thing with Jennifer Aniston and Reece Withoutaspoon.

What are they selling?

Surely that’s the most important part rather than how funny or annoying it is.


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