Embroiderers create a masterpiece for hospital walls

Mick Ferris

Members from Romford Embroiderers have created an embroidery masterpiece as part of their ‘Reasons To Be Thankful’ project. The mural has been gifted to King George and Queen’s Hospitals Charity and will have a special place on the hospital walls in Romford and Ilford.

The artwork features different square patterns made by Romford Embroiderers during the COVID-19 lockdown. Every piece has a relation to the pandemic and is a great way of remembering such a significant period in all our lives. Each section has been carefully created and has been designed to tell its own story.

Dora Bowes, a member of the group, said: “It’s amazing seeing the final piece displayed, it was such a tough time during the pandemic, but we managed to come together and create this artwork. It brought a real sense of community to our group.”

During the lockdown, the ladies found that embroidery helped distract and take their mind off the unprecedented times. The members had to show each other their designs through Zoom calls rather than their usual face to face group meetings.

Lynda Head, Head of Fundraising at King George and Queen’s Hospitals Charity added: “We are so grateful for the members dedication to completing this mural during such a difficult period. It’s fascinating to see how much time and effort was put into designing each piece. We look forward to seeing the artwork displayed on our hospital walls.”

The group hopes to continue creating impactful artwork, whilst creating and developing new skills.


Mick Ferris

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