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One week. That’s all it took to show surely beyond reasonable doubt that our political leaders, both at home at in the US, are not fit for purpose.

On Monday, all of Boris Johnson’s good work at the G7 in showing that on the international stage Britain is more than prepared to set the example for others to follow with our steadfast support for Ukraine in its struggle again Russian aggression evaporated in a puff of bum wind as it was revealed that, contrary to what had been said to the media by underlings in the days previously, the PM did know about concerns over Chris Pincher’s behaviour before his appointment as a Government whip (Pincher by name…apparently).

Even his now missus warned five years ago that he was a wrong ‘un and still Boris took him into the fold. Doh!

And let’s look at pinchy Pincher himself, who less than five months into his job, and knowing that the PM’s leadership was already under increasing scrutiny, still chose to get completely ratted at a reception following an event for the Conservative Friends of Cyprus at the Carlton Club in Piccadilly last Wednesday.

He was so dunk he had to be put into a car and sent home, but not before being accused by two men of drunkenly groping them. Doh!

Meanwhile, Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer, who becomes more anonymous by the day, chose Monday to actually say something that would have made sense had it not been the exact opposite of what he has been saying for years. Doh!

Elsewhere, the Krankies, Ian and Nicola, continued to ignore the fact that the Battle of Culloden has been over for more than 275 years in their determination to run however many independence referendums are needed to get the result they want. Doh!

Over in the (what a) States, Monday was another day, another mass shooting by a misfit with an automatic weapon.

Joe Biden – a man you can easily imagine greets his chief of staff every morning with: “I used to be president, you know, sonny,” stumbled his way through a televised statement about the terrible events in Chicago which must have had Donald Trump laughing into his single malt. Doh!

The Democrats know that unless he is legally prevented from running for public office again in the wake of the attempted coup of January 6, Trump poses a huge threat, not only to American democracy, but to world peace yet little is being done to groom a candidate to take him on.

Elections are not won, they are lost because of the comedy of errors that poses as modern politics in the self-appointed most powerful nation in the world and the small island that I call home as those in power continue to trip over their own shoelaces or slip on a banana skin to the wah wah waahh of a Looney Tunes cartoon.


Any Tory voter, or politician for that matter, who claims they didn’t know what they were getting with Boris Johnson is either deluded or lying.

He was brought in to do a job because Parliament was threatening to disappear up its own backside over Brexit and while the landslide victory in the last general election said far more about Labour and the Lib Dems’ shortcomings than what the Conservatives had to offer, the electorate didn’t put him into No10 for his honesty or his social conscience.

Quote of the week:

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone:

Natalie Pinkham: “Max, What will be the secret of winning today?”

Max Verstappen: “Finishing first.”

Stupid TV quiz answers of the week

The Chase

Q: One of what bird does not make a summer?

A: Snowman

Q: The Food Of Love trilogy is a series of novels by which cook?

A: Charlton Heston

Tipping Point:

Q: AC Milan is a football team from which country?

A: Spain


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