Essex and Havering among UK’s top ten most productive councils for second year running

ESSEX and Havering councils have both been named among the top ten ‘most productive’ local authorities in the UK.

Havering was ranked the fifth most productive council in the country, whilst Essex came seventh.

It was the second time Havering had been listed as London’s best performing authority in the chart. Essex Council had also been in the top ten last year.

The ranking was compiled by IMPOWER, the UK’s biggest public service consultancy firm.

The firm bases the rankings on ‘outcome value per pound spent’ in seven different areas: children’s social care, children with high needs, older people, disability, social care interface, housing & homelessness, and waste & recycling.

Essex County Council was ranked the fourth best authority in the country for children’s social care, 11th best for older people and 12th best for social care interface.

However, it ranked 63rd for waste & recycling and 64th for disability.

Havering was 4th best for older people, 10th best for disability and 18th best for both social care interface and children with high needs.

However, it ranked 62nd for children’s social care and 80th for housing & homelessness.

Andrew Blake-Herbert, chief executive of Havering Council, said he was ‘delighted’ at the ranking.

He said: “The IMPOWER report shows that our residents continue to receive excellent value for money on the things that make a real difference to their lives.

“This is more than keeping our streets clean and safe, collecting rubbish on a weekly basis and maintaining our roads.

“It is also about providing life-changing support and care to our young, older and most vulnerable residents.

“The report shows that there is much to be proud of – but we are far from complacent. There are lots of areas where we need to improve. At a time when resources are so tight, we need to make sure that every penny spent is spent in the most effective way.”

David Finch, leader of Essex Council, said he was ‘proud’ the authority had maintained its spot in the top ten.

He said: “This is a huge tribute to the hard work of our staff, who work tirelessly to improve the lives of our residents.

“At the heart of our success is our ability to think differently in the face of rapidly growing population, increased demand for social care and an ageing population.

“If we do things the same old way, we’ll get the same old outcomes. So we will need new, innovative approaches to providing services and serving the people of Essex.

“Essex residents remain at the heart of our conversations and decisions. I’m proud that we are serving our residents well, that this has been recognised by IMPOWER and that we are continuing to achieve positive outcomes across the county.”


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