Extreme prejudice

On the back of Dobby the Hogwarts elf’s non emergency Friday evening press confrence, this desperate and increasingly authoritarian government is now set on redefining the word extremism under the barmy excuse that it’s to protect our under threat democracy.

Even with the chances of ventriloquist’s dummy Michael Gove’s crackpot plan coming to fruition before a general election looking extremely unlikely, it’s a truly shocking attempt to curb civil liberties using the politics of division, blame and fear.

Perfectly adequate laws are already in place to deal with individuals and groups that come under the present classification of extremist. The problem lies in the enforcement, or rather the lack of.

Protest organisers, and the majority of participants also have a responsibility to police themselves. There are more than enough genuine people demonstrating for a ceasefire in Gaza to effectively exclude small groups of Hamas supporters by drawing the attention of police to where those troublemakers are and preventing them from infiltrating marches.

But that’s not the Government’s agenda. They want to push the “hate march” scenario while steadfastly dragging their heels over calling out the extremism and racism within their own broken party.


Married mum of three crap at Photoshop shock!

The Princess of Wales has “apologised for any confusion” over a photograph released to the media in time for Mother’s Day which leading agencies pulled after discovering that a number of changes had been made to the image.

Adjusting Princss Charlotte’s sleeve hardly qualifies as a deepfake, does it? But it still made the news for two days with online conspiracy theorists going into overdrive and an innocent family snap ridiculously turned into an issue of trust by photo agencies that would much rather one of their own was assigned to take any pictures of the royals

Apology eh? I’m guessing that’s a Palace press office edit. She has absolutely nothing to apologise for and Catherine would have every right in future to send photos with a message that reads, here’s a photo of me and the kids to prove I’m not dead. Use it, don’t use it, Whatever. C.


Really spoilt for choice over the funniest thing I’ve seen this past week.

Firstly there was a TV ad – and as usual, I have no idea what they were trying to sell – but it ends with a redneck in a stetson saying: “There’s people in the cake. It’s a people cake.”

It’s a lot funnier when you sen it.

In any normal week that would have been enough, because it gave me a giggle, but that was followed by bonkers US Republican Trumpite Marjorie Taylor Green telling the BBC’s Emily Maitliss to eff off when the journalist strayed from the Super Tuesday results to question her on her previous claim that the bush fires in California had been caused by space lasers owned by the Rothchilds.

But even that was bettered by ITN newsreader Nina Hossain’s Freudian slip on budget day when trying to say the words Jeremy Hunt.


So Theresa May is standing down as an MP to concentrate on causes close to her heart.

Lucrative speaking engagements in the US then.

Idiots corner

Tipping Point

Q: The term Bennite applied to which iconic Labour politician

A: Nigel Benn

The Chase

Q: Which singer topped the charts in 1978 amd 2022?

A: Adele

Special mention goes to Helen Flanagan on The Weakest Link who thinks the white cliffs of Dover are made of cheese.


Edward Case