Fans’ concerns continue to rise as Clarets takeover hits the buffers

Frustrated Chelmsford City fans have expressed their concerns following the news that potential investor, Spencer Gore appeared to take a step back in his attempts to take control of the troubled Vanarama National League South outfit.

The City Supporter Club cited a lack of transparency from the current owners, Betsi and has requested that they step aside in the best interests of the football club.

Mr Gore, who previously sponsored the Clarets EMG Inspire Stadium, explained: “I’m afraid it’s not good news but having had further discussions with both Steve (Shore – Chairman) and Dan (Watkins, minority shareholder) this week it appears that I won’t be investing in the club.”

“I had very much hoped to buy John’s (Holmes – Chelmsford City FC owner) shares and work closely with Dan to help create the club we all want and deserve.”

“A few weeks ago, Steve made it clear he and John wanted to remain involved in the club and wanted me to join them as an investor, this was not something that had been discussed in the previous 6 months since I had offered to buy John out. I initially said no as I didn’t believe I could work with someone who has no interest in football. However, it became clear via Dan that this may be the only way for me to get involved so I did consider buying John’s shares in the club whilst leaving Betsi to run the clubhouse and the charity. This at the time seemed like a compromise that might have worked.”

“After further discussions, I now don’t believe this would work and certainly isn’t what I want or what I feel is in the best interest of the club.”

“As such, I have told Steve that I am only interested in the whole package which is not something him or John now want to do.”

“Therefore, it is with regret that I can no longer see a way for me to be involved. This is disappointing having been told by Steve 6 months ago this could happen and as recently as 6 weeks ago being told by John it could still happen.”

Following the publication of the minutes of the latest meeting between representatives of the Supporters’ Club and Chairman Shore, Mr Gore went further in his criticisms of the club.

“I was told something completely different to these minutes by someone that was in the meeting,” he added.

“I was told Steve Shore had given me a price and I had to make a decision by July 4. I told the person I hadn’t had a price never mind a deadline. When Steve Shore was questioned on this he insisted to me it was miscommunication he then insisted these minutes were changed to say he said a decision on the club needed to be made by the 4th.”

“If that really is the case why is he now entering exploratory talks with a third party? Does he hope to close a deal over the weekend?”

“It is this utter nonsense, time-wasting, broken promises and lack of transparency that is causing so much damage and frustration.”

Meanwhile, The Clarets Supporters’ Club issued a statement expressing it was disappointed at the news and said further.

“What has seemed apparent throughout the process has been the lack of transparency and responsiveness from Betsi, to those interested in a takeover, which the Supporters’ Club is extremely concerned about.”

“In light of these developments, the Supporters’ Club will be having discussions over the coming days about the way forward to best serve the interests of our members.”

In another statement in response to comments Shore had made in a local newspaper, the Supporters’ Club made a call for the Chairman to stand down: “Time is of the essence. We respectfully ask you to step aside in the best interests of the club and allow others with the desire, experience and means to propel this great club forward to take on the job.”

Brian Jeeves

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