Fees for parks facilities and cemeteries in Basildon to be frozen over the next year

Basildon councillors have unanimously agreed to freeze the fees and charges for parks facilities and in the borough’s cemeteries over the next year.

The cemetery fees collected by the council include interment/burial fees, grave maintenance, and memorialisation fees. The parks fees collected include sports pitches, changing facilities, bowls, and fairs/organised events.

The decision was agreed by councillors during the Leisure and Environment Committee meeting on Thursday June 24.

Chairman of the Committee, Councillor Craig Rimmer said: “The proposal to freeze fees and charges was one I strongly supported, so I’m glad that we’ll be implementing this as local groups and residents return to activity following the relaxing of Covid restrictions.

“After the difficult year everyone has had, I encourage residents to get back out and take advantage of the beautiful parks and open spaces that our borough has to offer. And we have some fantastic organisations and community groups that operate in those parks that will benefit from last night’s decision.”

Amendments were made to the council’s budget during the Policy and Resources Committee on June 15, which means that the proposed freezing of fees will come at net nil cost to the council.


Mick Ferris

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