Festival welcomes community spirit back to Brentwood

The Crown Street Festival in Brentwood on Saturday saw hundreds of people turn out to take part in all sorts of activities from meeting Spiderman to colouring in a crown for children.

Macrame making, storytelling from the Safari Trail big bear, food tasting and street dancing was just part of the entertainment.

The event was funded by part of the £67,382 Welcome Back Fund administered by Brentwood Borough Council

Annie Sid from the Greenhouse and The Larder added; “ I think we truly learnt the value and need for a local community during lockdown and it was lovely to be able to experience that again at a live event.

“The local high street brings such a warmth to the town and the more support it gets the more it will grow, welcoming new retailers and more events like this one. We had a brilliant day, just like everyone who came down! Can’t wait to do it again soon!”

Chair of Community and Health Committee, Cllr Cliff Poppy said; “Brentwood residents are very loyal and this event just goes to show what can be done with some creative ideas, determination and support.

“The amount of people who turned out throughout the day and the range of activities was amazing as can be seen from all the social media and all the photos of smiling faces.

“The incredible work invested in this paid dividends for everyone and I am very much looking forward to the next one.”

Mick Ferris

Editor Email: mickferris@yellowad.co.uk