Flats and school plans approved for Barking and Dagenham

Plans to convert a car park into more than 300 new flats with a primary school underneath have been given the green light by Barking and Dagenham Council.

The council’s planning committee approved two separate applications on September 12, one located at Car Park North, Ford Motor Company, Chequers Lane in Dagenham and another at 3 Gallions Close in Barking.

The committee unanimously voted in favour of the proposal for 337 new homes in blocks ranging from nine to 17 storeys tall on the site of a former car park near Dagenham Docks Railway Station.

Applicant Gill Aggregates said it plans to build a new primary school for 420 pupils and 60 members of staff and will put in a bid for funding from the Department of Education.

The primary school is expected to cost £7million, although officers representing the developer said it cannot make a bid until “substantial work has been done on the site”.

Out of 337 flats, just 14 will be offered at a London Affordable Rent, which amounts to 7 per cent. A total of 36 flats will be wheelchair accessible.

Out of 1,390 responses, there was just one letter of objection which raised concerns about overcrowding, parking and infrastructure.

A second planning application was approved by the committee for development at Gallions Close, where there will be 233 flats ranging from 7 storeys to  15 storeys high.

Planning developer, Inland Homes will demolish existing buildings to make way for the new tower blocks. A total of 38 flats will be let with London Affordable Rent and a further 27 will be wheelchair accessible.

Additional plans to transform an extra 275 sq m non-residential floorspace, into a supermarket, shops, a GP surgery and a café were also mentioned in the planning document.

Out of 837 consultation letters, there were just two letters of objection that raised concerns about the height of the buildings.

The two letters of objection are believed to be from the same person, Planning Officer Patricia Ploch said in the meeting.

A second application was also approved for 3 Gallions Close, Barking (Image: Barking and Dagenham Council)

Ruby Gregory

Local Democracy Reporter