Fly-tipping backfires for litter louts in Westcliff

Fly-tippers got their comeuppance while dumping rubbish in a Westcliff street … where a councillor was on litter patrol.

Councillor Aston Line was out litter picking in Westborough ward when he snapped a couple, catching them red-handed in the act of disposing of their rubbish in the middle of a street.

The Labour councillor for Westborough Ward spoke of his moment of “poetic justice” as he caught the couple in Ramuz Drive.

He said: “We’ve got a bit of fly-tipping hotspot there on the little speed restriction, the traffic control restriction bit that sticks out. There’s always a bit of fly-ipping there so I thought I’d just go and double-check. Unfortunately there was a bag or two there.

“I’m taking a picture and once there I noticed it was a little bit worse than from a distance. Food waste was there, dirty nappies discarded, there was some stuff that was going to attract some wildlife.”

Cllr Line added: “Whilst I’m quite clearly standing in the road taking a photograph this little red hatch back pulls into the road at some speed and does a u-turn. A woman jumps out and throws a lot of rubbish onto the fly-tipped rubbish and the man in the car goes speeding off. I’m already taking a photo at this stage.”

Seeing Cllr Line admonishing the woman and informing her she would be getting a fine, the man returned and began shouting obscenities through the driver’s window before driving off at speed again – straight “over discarded broken glass.”

Speaking after the incident, Cllr Line said: “It was the brazenness of it. They were together in the car and she hopped out and on her way to her house she discarded her rubbish just as I was taking a picture.

“The man came back to have a pop at me. All of the information has been passed on to the authorities.”

Fly-tipping has become a particular problem for residents in Westcliff. Large household items are often discarded and many residents who have little room to store rubbish often leave bags out ahead of their allotted collection days.

However, Cllr Line says he may have a solution which he has promised to unveil “within a couple of weeks”.

Christine Sexton

Local Democracy Reporter