Flynn praises her super Saints

Southend Saints manager, Jackie Flynn, was quick to heap praise on her charges after the club was finally able to stage their award ceremony following the early conclusion of the 2019/20 campaign.

The Saints made huge strides during the season, with the number of women taking up rugby with the Warners Bridge club continuing to grow at a steady rate.

Kassie Sparrow and Cat Malcolm took the Coaches and Heach Coach awards, while Emma Connors was named the Saints most improved player.

Kirsty Flynn received the top accolade from her fellow players: “It was an incredible season, the respective winners produced some outstanding rugby,” Flynn told Yellow Sport.

“They have developed as players as well as showing incredible leadership and sportsmanship.

Flynn added: “All of the team are to be applauded and congratulated. We finished top of the league. We can’t wait for the restrictions to be lifted allowing us to start playing again and continue that momentum.”


Brian Jeeves

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