Flytipping soars across Southend

Inconsiderate flytippers dumped an astonishing 4,664 tonnes of rubbish in Southend over the last three years, it has been revealed.

The information was uncovered after a member of the public asked a question at a meeting of the council’s place scrutiny committee on Monday.

The resident, a Mr Webb, asked how much flytipping council contractor Veolia had to contend with from 2018 to 2021 and what the council was going to do about the problem in hot-spots around the borough.

He raised concerns following a spate of flytipping on street corners in Westborough and Milton wards.

Carole Mulroney, councillor responsible for the Environment, revealed a year on year increase in the problem.

In 2018/19, 1,420 tonnes of rubbish was dumped, in 2019/20 that rose to 1,513 tonnes and 2021 it hit 1,731 tonnes.

Cllr Mulroney said: “The council provides a free service for the disposal of bulky waste in its recycling centres at Leigh Marshes and stock road. The council provides a paid for collection of bulk waste from homes.

“Where evidence is found of potential offence advice letters are sent and enforcement action is undertaken as appropriate in line with the council’s enforcement policy.”

The cost of clearing up illegally dumped rubbish is borne by council contractor Veolia but that contract runs out in 2023 and the council is currently reviewing future provision.

The increasing cost of flytipping is likely to increase costs to the council in any future negotiations.

Cllr Mulroney added: “The council provides important information to residents and businesses to support them with complying with appropriate legislation in relation to fly tipping including information on the council’s website, information leaflets and the council is currently working in partnership with Veolia to deploy additional resources to visit hotspot areas to obtain evidence and undertake enforcement as appropriate.

“Residents can report fly tipping for clearance to the council on its online reporting tool my Southend including potential offenders and I just add when we do find fly tipping we automatically go through it to check for any evidence of who might have carried out the tipping.”


Christine Sexton

Local Democracy Reporter