Foot in mouth disease

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Politicians need to learn the important lesson that sometimes it really is better to just not say anything.

The Labour candidate in the upcoming Rochdale by-election on February 29, Azhar Ali, allgedly told a party meeting that Israel had “allowed” the October 7 massacre to happen as justification for the subsequent destruction of Gaza.

He has since apologised for such an inflamatory statement, but just a few short months ago this would have resulted in his immediate expulsion from the party.

However, not only is he still a Labour member, with the February 2 deadline having passed for a new candidate to be put forward, the party was continuing to support his election campaign.

That is, until late on Monday when the inevitable u-turn that should never have needed to be a u-turn came.

He can’t be removed from the ballot, but at least Labour has now withdrawn its support for Ali after his candidacy was finally recognised as a PR disaster and the party went into damage control mode.

The hipocrisy is palpable given Scared Starmer’s previous ruthless purge of antisemitism on Labour’s left and that Ali’s reprehensible (and frankly bats**t) comments were not dealt with immediately has not only further damaged the party’s already dodgy reputation with Jewih votres but also made Smear again look indecisive when action is needed.

With Labour in its strongest position since the late nineties, once again it has shot itself in the foot.

  • I had to add a quick postscript to this as it encapsulates this column’s overall theme of how senior politicians and their cronies think that by saying something that is clearly utter rubbish (not the word I wanted to use but I’ve reached my monthly quota for asterixes ) they can avoid accountability. On Tuesday, Sir Sneer had the gaul to claim that he had acted decisively in this case. This is the contempt that these political figures continue to treat us with. We’re all being taken for idiots when only half of us are.


Donald Trump’s lawyers are obviously milking a huge cash cow, but can they really believe the arguments they are putting forward on his behalf?

The latest involves the attempt by some states to invoke Amendment 14 of the US Constitution which diqualifies anyone involved in insurrection from standing for public office. Team Trump’s original ploy was to argue that the law, which dates back to the American Civil War is 160 years old and consequently not applicable for the modern age.

With that looking like a non starter, they have now decided to use an old Trump comms team trick which when caught by the media telling fibs adopted the term “alternate truth”.

So the lawyers’ position now is not that their client is innocent of any involvement in the events of January 6 2022, but that rather than insurrection the attack on the Capitol Building was just a plain old riot.

Well that’s alright then!

Meanwhile the more derranged his outbursts, the more his popularity grows with the in-bred, gun-toting redneck contingent and yet the Democrats are still relying on a doddery old man who can’t remember the word Hamas and thinks the presidnt of France is a guy who died 28 years ago.

If indeed Trump is allowed to stand and wins the presidency again, the world can thank the Democrats’ ambivalence for the chaos that will befall the rest of the world.

Idiots corner

The return of Tipping Point

Q: On which part of the body is a stetson worn?

A: Feet

Q: How many languages can someone speak if they are tringual?

A: Two

Q: The 2020 biography “Our Gazza” is about which footballer?

A: David Beckham?

The Chase

Q: Which duke was played by Christopher Plummer in the film Waterloo?

A: Duke Ellington

Special mention to the lass on Jimmy Carr’s Channel 4 quiz I Litrally Just Told You, who thought bazookas were “Those things you get on your feet.”


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