Former boxer runs for charity

Former Repton Boxing Club captain David Nash is swapping his gloves for running shoes and plans to capitalise on the pandemic lockdown…and help victims of domestic abuse.

Instead of staying indoors the 69 year old from Chigwell plans is using his daily exercise regime to follow in the footsteps of mammoth fund-raiser Colonel Tom Moore and complete 100 laps.

But this 100 laps will cover a distance of 300 miles and David aims to compete it by the end of June…exactly 100 days.

He admits he won’t raise £30m like Colonel Tom but he hopes his former pals at the Repton Club in Bethnal Green will support him and raise money for The Believe Foundation founded by former Redridge resident Pauline Fynn.

“I have been running since the lockdown started and it dawned on me that I could turn the run to my advantage and raise money for charity,” said David, who fought 168 times as an amateur.

“A friend of mine is on the board of The Believe Foundation and told me what great work they do in not only supporting victims of abuse but also the children of victims.

“So I am asking everyone to get behind me and sponsor my run which I will end on June 30 after covering 300 miles.”

David, a one time international and a gold medal winner, runs from his home to Hainault Zoo every day, a distance of 1.8 miles.

The Believe Foundation and its methods were developed from founder Pauline’s, experience of domestic abuse when she lived in Redbridge.

The Believe Foundation will announce the launch of Freddie Learns to Behave later this year, a storybook with a difference, combining education with safeguarding to break the cycle of abuse.

Freddie Learns to Behave was brought to life using storylines children can relate to combined with lesson plans and activities to encourage schools and other areas that work with children in using their social skills to recognise potentially harmful situations, poor decision making and consequential thinking in keeping them safe.  Parents will be encouraged to work with their children, if it is safe to do so.

In addition there will be essential contact details to provide schools, children and families early support. The book’s distribution is not just aimed at schools and practitioners working with children and families but also safe houses, libraries, Police and other areas of the criminal justice system.

“I think this is a tremendous cause and one I am privileged to support,” added David. “At this stage I just want people to pledge money but not donate it. Once we have finished collecting I will then arrange for the monies raised to be paid direct to The Believe Foundation.”

Mick Ferris

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