Former Southend mayor slams Thorpe Bay speed restrictions plans

A former Southend mayor has threatened legal action against plans to install new speed restrictions in Thorpe Bay.

Sally Carr, who became Southend’s 93rd mayor in 2012, has dismissed a consultation on the traffic calming measures predominantly on the Burgess Estate as a “waste of time and money”.

Southend Council has launched a consultation on the proposals that include the introduction of speed humps and 20mph zones.

Ms Carr, who is a former Thorpe and St Luke’s ward councillor, said: “As a councillor, I would have been saying this is absolutely stupid. I’m sitting in Marcus Avenue now, there is not a car in the road, and they want to waste the money on putting in humps and bumps or 20mph limits

“I’m assuming it’s money ring fenced from the government. If not it’s a blatant waste of money and a waste of officers’ time.”

There are two options for the controversial plans being presented to residents. Both limit vehicles to 20mph with one having signs or speed bumps every 50 metres and the other having them only at major access junctions to the restricted area and at selected junctions within it. There is no option to reject the proposal.

Ms Carr, 78, a member of the Thorpe Bay Residents’ Association, added: “It’s so farcical it’s laughable. I think we’ll be laying down in the street if they try and do this.

“It has been suggested that because doing nothing is not an option maybe there is a case for a judicial review.

“We will do everything, even if it means a judicial review.”

Martin Terry, Independent councillor for Thorpe, said: “There are parts of the ward that do have problems with speeding vehicles and there have been some quite serious accidents.

“The consultation covers a wide area and Thorpe councillors promised there would be a full open consultation so people can decide what they want.

“There was an overwhelming call from residents in Burgess Road who want a scheme and there are residents in other roads that don’t want a scheme so we’ve come out with a consultation that gives two options plus a comments box, the idea being if people do not want anything or they have concerns they can submit those in the comments box.”


Christine Sexton

Local Democracy Reporter