Garon Park charity needs green fingered volunteers

A CHARITY which is turning part of the Garon Park site in Southend into a thriving centre for community groups is looking for green-fingered volunteers.

One of the aims of [email protected] is to improve the biodiversity of the vitality park site – the Old Southendians cricket ground – off Eastern Avenue, and to make the area a haven for wildlife.

The area is currently used by special needs groups, family action centres, playgroups, wellness organisations (walking football and walking netball) and other community groups.

Charity organisers plan to plant a variety of native trees and hedgerows to enhance the look of the area and to improve biodiversity.  There are also long-reaching plans for woodland walks, a childrens’ forest school, a pond, sensory garden and outdoor gym and much more – all to benefit vulnerable groups in the town.

[email protected] trustee Andy Badger said: “In November, we will receive 500 trees and 400 hedgerows from a combination of the Carbon Trust and the Woodland Trust. These will all be whips.

“Some will arrive in pots, but most will be dry rooted and will need to be planted as soon as possible.

“I am planning on November 14-15 being the key weekend of activity, with planting continuing from this point until completion, which I hope will by the end of the following weekend.”

“If there is anyone out there in the Southend area who has a day to spare, a spade and wants to help the environment he or she should email our community relationship coordinator Frazer Clark on: [email protected] to find out more and to sign up,” he added.


Mick Ferris

Editor Email: [email protected]