Garon Park Youth is expanding fast

An exciting new youth project for the City of Southend has opened at Garon Park, emphasising fun and life skills a predominantly highlight.

Garon Park Youth is headed up by Darren Parsons, who arrived from the KAOS Youth Club, bringing a wealth of experience ahead of its launch in early August.

“We already have a rapidly growing membership,” Parsons told the Yellow Advertiser.

“Evey Wednesday between 6:30 and 8:30pm, we provide lots of activities for the young people, including basic cooking as well as traditional youth club favourites such as pool, table tennis, football and crafts.

“Garon Park Youth are looking to expand and add other activities. We openly welcome new members from the City of Southend. Entry is £3. We hope to see more young people taking advantage of our facilities in the near future.”

Brian Jeeves