Golf club says their members have not been on Belfairs course following councillor claims

Members of the Belfairs Golf Club have said they have not been out playing golf since restrictions were put in place by the government after members of the public were seen on the course.

The Belfairs Golf Club which plays on the course, insists that their club closed a week before Southend Council closed the course in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The government has told members of the public they can go out to exercise once a day but golf is not regarded as one of the permitted activities prompting the council to close the course in Belfairs.

At the beginning of the week, Councillor Stephen Aylen who represents the ward, revealed that as many as 20 people had been seeing playing on the course each day despite the closure and when they were asked to leave, he faced verbal abuse.

Peter Mahoney, of the Belfairs Golf Club, stressed that those taking to the course are members of the public and not part of the club.

“We shut the club a week before the course was even closed,” said Mr Mahoney.

“From my understanding it is members of the public going out there and playing when they should be in isolation.

“Obviously we can’t stop those members of the public but it is certainly not our members.”

Conservative Councillor Kevin Buck, who is a member of the club, said: “I would commend the club for taking proactive action and closing to all members prior to the course closure and I would ask all member of public to respect the actions taken by local and national governments to counteract an unprecedented situation.

“It doesn’t help anyone if people are ignoring the request of councils and government to not gather socially.”

Steve Shaw

Local Democracy Reporter