Hamro Foundation Essex Cricket League – Fixtures – Saturday, May 15

Division 01 – First XI Premier League

Belhus v Chingford 

Billericay v Hadleigh & Thundersley 

Colchester and East Essex v Brentwood 

Harold Wood v Wanstead & Snaresbrook 

Hornchurch v Chelmsford 

Division 02 – First XI Division One

Buckhurst Hill v Fives and Heronians 

Hutton v Horndon On The Hill 

Ilford v Old Southendian & Southchurch CC

Shenfield v Upminster 

Woodford Wells v Loughton

Division 03 – First XI Division Two

Benfleet v Frenford 

Gidea Park & Romford v Oakfield Parkonians 

Orsett & Thurrock v Harlow Town 

Southend-On-Sea & EMT v Leigh On Sea 

Westcliff-On-Sea v Wickford 

Division 04 – First XI Division Three

Barking v Newham 

Bentley v Walthamstow 

Goresbrook v Ardleigh Green & Havering-Atte-Bower 

Harlow v Epping 

Hornchurch Athletic v Woodford Green 

Old Brentwoods v Rainham

Stanford Le Hope v South Woodford 

West Essex v Springfield 

Division 05 – Second XI Premier Division

Brentwood 2nd v Buckhurst Hill 2nd 

Chelmsford 2nd v Hornchurch 2nd 

Chingford 2nd v Woodford Wells 2nd 

Oakfield Parkonians 2nd v Shenfield 2nd 

Wanstead & Snaresbrook 2nd v Ilford 2nd

Division 06 – Second XI Division One

Frenford 2nd v Hutton 2nd 

Loughton 2nd v Gidea Park & Romford 2nd 

South Woodford 2nd v Colchester and East Essex 2nd 

Upminster 2nd v Billericay 2nd 

Wickford 2nd v Harold Wood 2nd 

Division 07 – Second XI Division Two

Ardleigh Green & Havering-Atte-Bower 2nd v Belhus 2nd

Epping 2nd v Harlow 2nd 

Hadleigh & Thundersley 2nd v Old Brentwoods 2nd 

Leigh On Sea 2nd v Southend-on-Sea & EMT 2nd 

Old Southendian & Southchurch 2nd v Westcliff-On-Sea 2nd 

Division 08 – Second XI Division Three

Fives and Heronians 2nd v Orsett & Thurrock 2nd 

Harlow Town 2nd v Benfleet 2nd 

Horndon On The Hill 2nd v Stanford Le Hope 2nd 

Walthamstow 2nd v Goresbrook 2nd 

Woodford Green 2nd v West Essex 2nd 

Division 09 – Third XI Premier Division

Brentwood 3rd v Orsett & Thurrock 3rd 

Harold Wood 3rd v Harlow 3rd 

Hutton 3rd v Woodford Wells 3rd 

Shenfield 3rd v Wanstead & Snaresbrook 3rd 

Upminster 3rd v Hornchurch 3rd 

Division 10 – Third XI Division One

Belhus 3rd v Ilford 3rd

Buckhurst Hill 3rd v Frenford 3rd 

Chelmsford 3rd v Loughton 3rd 

Oakfield Parkonians 3rd v Upminster 4th 

Wanstead & Snaresbrook 4th v Billericay 3rd 

Division 11 – Third XI Division Two

Chingford 3rd v Chelmsford 4th 

Fives and Heronians 3rd v Brentwood 4th 

Harlow 4th v Wickford 3rd

Hornchurch 4th v Old Southendian & Southchurch 3rd 

South Woodford 3rd v Loughton 4th 

Division 12 – Third XI Division Three

Frenford 4th v Westcliff-On-Sea 3rd 

Gidea Park & Romford 3rd v Harold Wood 4th 

Stanford Le Hope 3rd v Walthamstow 3rd 

West Essex 3rd v Wanstead & Snaresbrook 5th 

Woodford Green 3rd v Southend-on-Sea & EMT 3rd 

Division 13 – Fourth XI Premier Division East

Billericay 4th v Benfleet 3rd 

Horndon On The Hill 3rd v Chelmsford 5th 

Leigh On Sea 3rd v Belhus 4th

Orsett & Thurrock 4th v Hadleigh & Thundersley 3rd 

Wickford 4th v Hutton 4th 

Division 14 – Fourth XI Premier Division West

Ardleigh Green & Havering-Atte-Bower3rd v Oakfield Parkonians 4th

Epping 3rd v Brentwood 5th

Loughton 5th v Gidea Park & Romford 4th 

Upminster 5th v Shenfield 4th 

Walthamstow 4th v Buckhurst Hill 4th 

Division 15 – Fourth XI Division One Central

Benfleet 5th v Upminster 6th

Brentwood 6th v Shenfield 5th 

Harold Wood 5th v Hutton 5th 

Hornchurch 5th v Old Brentwoods 3rd 

Orsett & Thurrock 5th v Ardleigh Green & Havering-Atte-Bower 4th 

Division 16 – Fourth XI Division One East

Benfleet 4th v Leigh On Sea 4th 

Hadleigh & Thundersley 4th v Wickford 5th 

Old Southendian & Southchurch 4th v Stanford Le Hope 4th

Southend-on-Sea & EMT 4th v Old Southendian & Southchurch 5th 

Westcliff-On-Sea 4th v Horndon On The Hill 4th 

Division 17 – Fourth XI Division One West

Goresbrook 3rd v South Woodford 4th 

Ilford 4th v Chingford 4th 

Ilford 5th v Harold Wood 6th 

Oakfield Parkonians 5th v West Essex 4th 

Wanstead & Snaresbrook 6th v Fives and Heronians 4th 


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