Harmonious Lilywhites return to form

Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 Burnley – Reaction

It wasn’t too long ago that there appeared to be a chasm developing between player and manager. However, once again, the old adage that nothing remains the same in football for too long appears to have rung true as Mourinho, Bale and Spurs harmoniously returned to form and walloped Burnley to the tune of four unanswered goals.

Bale had shown signs against West Ham and Wolfsberger of what was to come. His two-goal salvo the highlight of the N17 onslaught. Mourinho was quick to ensure that news remained very much in the present: “Gareth is a very experienced guy, he knows his body better than anyone. It would be very nice for me now to say that I handled the situation amazingly well. I’m not that kind of guy,” he explained.

“He knows his body very well. He know that we are here to help him, help him especially to be a happy football player and I’m really happy for him, but he’s the one that has the feelings.

“Sometimes people write things, and sometimes, some of you like to imagine stories, you need to write stories and sometimes you like to say things that are not really true. But there is not one single manager in the world that doesn’t play Gareth Bale if Gareth Bale is in very good condition. There is not one, but now he is better than ever.”

Mourinho added: “It’s not just about the two goals he scored, it’s fundamentally about his physical performance. Now he’s not flat. Now he has ups and downs in the speed he brings to his actions.

“Even in the area in which he plays, sometimes outside, sometimes inside. He played very well and his condition is very good.

“I’m just pleased for the team because he helped the team to win and that’s the most important thing. I’m happy for him.”


Brian Jeeves

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