Have your say on the future of Shenfield Common

Brentwood Borough Council and the conservators of Shenfield Common are holding an open session at the common on Tuesday August 24 between 10:00am and 2pm to discuss the plans the conservators have for extensive tree clearance along paths and rides on the common.

Clearing the trees will enhance the features of the common such as the lime tree avenue, woodland pond, woodland diversity, remove sycamore and improve the ground flora.

Council Environment, Enforcement and Housing Chair, Cllr Maria Pearson, said; “This consultation will give residents the opportunity to see what work is being proposed to the common, as agreed under the management plan at the Shenfield Conservators meeting earlier this year.

“Consultants and councillors will be on site to talk to residents about the scheme, which will create a new aspect to the landscape, encouraging residents to wander and enjoy the surroundings.

“We hope to make the common woodland less threatening to residents and improve visibility by allowing light to the common woodland pond.

“We need your views on the proposal before it can go ahead.”

The consultation also seeks to gather names and contact details from those people attending who might like to volunteer or form a group under the leadership as conservators to become ‘Friends of Shenfield Common’.

Group members will be able to run some of their own events in terms of clearance or other upcoming volunteering projects.

Anyone interested in attending can meet at the Shenfield common grassland adjacent to the pond at 10:00am


Mick Ferris

Editor Email: mickferris@yellowad.co.uk