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If it wasn’t for the fact that it will impact on all of us, I would be more than happy to say that Americans will deserve whoever they vote in as president and get on with matters closer to home. But with the US Supreme Court making it even less likely that Teflon Trump will be behind bars by November, it is absolutely vital – for the entire planet’s sake – that Jill Biden stops enabling her geriatric husband and persuades him to do the decent thing by stepping down from the presidential race.

Last week’s TV debate was painful to watch. Joe Biden can barely walk, let alone string a cohesive sentence together. The most puzzling thing is how his party appears to have been in denial about it for so long.

He is 81 years old and the warning signs have been there for a long time, but since the beginning of the year especially it has been alarmingly clear that he is not fit to finish off his present term, let alone go for another four years.

If half of American voters can’t be trusted to behave like grown ups to keep a dangerous convicted criminal out of the White House, then desperate measures need to be taken.

First, Biden needs to be persuaded that his time is up, then the party has to get a real contender in place quickly. And I’m not talking about Newsom or Shapiro.

All of the contenders I can think of that would be capable of throwing Trump off balance and at least give Democrat voters cause to leave the house in November are women.

Vice president Kamala Harris is the obvious successor to Biden, but Gretchen Whitmer, who is being tipped for a run in 2028, could also be a viable choice.

The preferred option would surely be former First Lady Michelle Obama. Imagine how enraged the crooked manbaby would be about that!

She above all others has the popularity to not only steady the ship, but also to tip the swing vote in the Democrats’ favour and if she could somehow be persuaded to stand then that would surely put the brakes on the looming disaster facing the United States and all of us.

However, failing that unfortunately unlikely scenario, the person who I think could really set the cat amongst the pigeons hasn’t been mentioned anywhere or indeed expressed any interest in running for the top office.

New York firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes will be 35 years-old on October 31 – the lower age limit for a US president – and I strongly believe that in the absence of Michelle Obama, she could save the world from a second Trump term of “alternative truths” and self-serving dictatorial aspirations.

AOC your country needs you. Hell, we all need you.


How much self flagellation must Rishi Sunak have engaged in to persuade Boris Johnson to take the podium on Tuesday evening?

In the face of an election disaster, for the former PM to be enticed to speak to the Tory faithful less than two days before polling day must have taken a prodigious amount of swallowed pride from the man responsible for the decisive blow in Boris’s downfall, with lashings of humble pie on the side and shows the level of desperation permeating throughout the Tory top tier.

It has become less now about trying to win with them now seemingly just hoping against hope that the extent of the majority and accompanying humiliation can somehow be contained.


The England team is unlikely to have voted in the general election as they can’t find a box, let alone put a cross in it.

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Q: Who succeeded Henry VIII as King of England in 1547?

A: George VI


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