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The Craft: Legacy (15) 1hr 39mins

Movie remakes have always struck me as being a bit pointless and to do it when the original was only made 24 years ago and wasn’t any great shakes anyway seems an even dafter proposition, which may be why the makers of this film are avoiding the use of the words remake or sequel, even though there are elements of both in this waste of electricity which has just made it directly onto pay to rent.

In 1996, The Craft was basically riding on Scream star Neve Campbell’s 15 minutes of fame, but this “adaptation” as it is being called doesn’t even have that going for it. Not even David Duchovny or the usually magical Michelle Monaghan can save the day here.

Take every cliché from every American high school movie of the 80s and 90s and stick them all together and you’ve got this tale of a quartet of witches without broomsticks who discover there a consequences to their actions.

There are even little easter eggs here and there referring to the original film, but these are worthless as the people who enjoyed the original – and there must have been some I suppose – are not 16-year old girls anymore and today’s 16-year old girls are more interested in twerking on Tik Tok than metaphorical morality tales about sisterhood.

Even for a less discerning lockdown audience, this fails to cast a spell.

RATING: 3/10


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