Hotter than July

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It’s a bit hot out there as I write this (I’m sure someone is probably trying to blame Boris for that too), but with the back garden encroaching upon the house something had to be done and once my girlfriend begins a sentence with the words: “You might want to…” then it’s obvious I can’t put it off any longer.

So, with one of my Spotify playlists blaring out (partly as revenge for a neighbour’s kids singing rap songs outside at the top of their voices until gone 2am on Sunday) this week’s column was put together a paragraph at a time during water breaks, I just need to cool down a minute breaks and I need a wee breaks with the odd guitar and singing at the top of my voice break for Paul Weller’s Sunflower and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

That should teach ’em. And if it doesn’t there are two of my albums on Spotify I can torture them with.

I’ve suffered for my art, now it’s their turn.

But speaking of suffering, with people still trying to take holidays abroad, even though they know it will involve huge queues and that even if their flight doesn’t get cancelled, their luggage is likely to turn up somewhere else (and that’s if they can get to the airport), I’m convinced we’re turning into a nation of masochists.

The cost of living is skyrocketing and our entire infrastructure is threatening to go on strike because pay can’t keep up with inflation and trade union leaders are more interested in following a political agenda than dealing with the reality of their members’ needs.

And we’re all so punch drunk now we just walk right into the next smack in the face.

It’s getting hot in here.


With various polls of Tory voters making it perfectly clear who they want as the next Prime Minister, the dirty tricks have started in Parliament with snide comments aimed at sowing the seeds of doubt about Penny Mordaunt’s suitability to lead party and country.

There’s a definite attempt at manipulation going on in Westminster with Richy Rishi’s followers obviously favouring a two way battle with Liz Truss, who would be out of her depth in a puddle, rather than the voters’ choice.

Meanwhile, the ITV televised debate between the candidates became so bitter that a third, due to be held on Sky, was cancelled after Sunak and Truss said they no longer wanted to do it.

Difficult to see the point of giving telly time to people whose progrees at this stage is decided by fellow MPs and once the remaining candidates are whittled down to just two, the final decision will be made by a party membership of mostly ageing middle class white men.

Way to go, democracy!


Whatever happens in the Euros quarter finals, our girls have been playing absolutely brilliantly. Women’s football is definitely on a roll and with the quality of coaching it can only be a matter of time before a senior League side comes in with a big offer.

The obvious choice at the moment would be Chelsea’s Emma Hayes, who was apparently the main target for Crawley Town recently.

I think there are much bigger opportunities coming her way if she wants everything that comes with that.


As I reluctantly settle into being an old bloke and see the home straight edging ever closer, I’ve noticed that my eyebrows, ear and nose hair have taken on a crazy life of their own.

There’s another area a bit lower down that has also begun to resemble my overgrown back garden, but I doubt my Turkish barber would be prepared to tackle that.

And considering how he deals with my nostrils, I don’t think I would want him to.

Stupid TV Quiz answers of the week

Tipping Point:

Q: In which century did the Berlin Wall fall?

A: The 16th?


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