Hygiene order keeps KFC in Leytonstone closed for now

An emergency hygiene order has been approved for the Leytonstone branch of KFC after council inspectors found gnawed bags of flour, rodent droppings and fly pupae.

The Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order (HEPO), approved at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Monday August 16, means the branch will stay closed until council officers are satisfied there is no longer a public health risk.

According to Waltham Forest Council, the Leytonstone KFC’s franchise operator Triple D Ltd, did not contest the order and will pay the council’s court costs of £1,072.

Cabinet member for community safety Khevyn Limbajee said any food businesses cutting corner will “find themselves in court”.

He added: “We will exercise all the powers available to the council to take action against the minority of restaurant owners who do not take their responsibilities seriously.”

Triple D Ltd will face a further court hearing to remove the hygiene order once they are ready to reopen.

Stagnant slime and fly pupae on staff room floor (Images: Waltham Forest Council)

Josh Mellor

Local Democracy Reporter