I do not consent to you coming near me without a mask

I was waiting to pay in my local shop one evening this week when two earlytwentysomethings swaggered in, one wearing a mask, the other not. A couple of minutes later they stood behind me in the queue for the tills, ignoring social distancing. The one sans mask was closer to my shoulder than Long John Silver’s parrot.

Turning around, I said: “Do you want to move back a bit?”

“Ask nicely,” he said.

Without going into the details of how that little exchange ended, let me also tell you about an incident my girlfriend experienced in the same shop last weekend.

A couple were in the aisle without masks (I hasten to use the term ‘chavs’ but from the description of them, which I guessed and she confirmed, it seems the most accurate) so my girlfriend just gave them a bit of a wide berth, prompting the woman of the pair to confront her with a: “What the f***’s the matter with you?”

Those two incidents just days apart encapsulate the dilemma facing us as we get ever closer to a second total lockdown.

Without proper enforcement of masks and social distancing it is unavoidable. I fear it’s already too late because there’s obviously no point in relying on people doing the decent thing or using their common sense.

As the Government tries to convince us that for the next six months Covid-19 will only come out after 10pm (Just kidding. I do appreciate the real reasoning behind it is to cut down the chances of drunks throwing caution to the wind), a much more sensible and effective course of action would be for all shops to be ordered to place a notice in their windows saying: NO MASK NO ADMITTANCE with those not complying getting a hefty fine as well as the numbties who can’t spell asymptomatic and think the rules don’t apply to them.

This would have a far greater effect than further penalising restaurants and pubs, many of which have already put measures into place that are working very well.

What on earth is this guy doing?

Following on from my recent column about Covid marshals, I just had to include the photo above.

What on earth is he doing? Crying? Or something far worse?


Most of us don’t like being told what to do – me more than most I would say – but I am completely at a loss to understand the thinking behind Saturday’s “we do not consent” rally in Trafalgar Square.

If everyone behaved responsibly regarding the safety measures surrounding the pandemic, then consent would not be an issue anyway.

I love a good conspiracy theory – no one is going to convince me this all began with someone eating a dodgy bat they bought from Wuhan market – and events over millennia have shown that fear is the easiest way to control the masses – but there’s nothing to be gained by us plebs being told to wear face masks and keep our distance other than trying to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

What reason can there be for the handful of people in the dark who really run the world to create a virus that puts the entire planet’s economies at risk?

Or if they think that Covid-19 itself is a hoax to control us, why are so many people dead, including my mate Mo?

Doubt, challenge and question all you like – just wear a mask while you’re doing it.


Edward Case