I fought the law and the law won… so far

Rishi Sunak is insisting that his hideous plan to send migrants who enter the UK by leaky dinghy off to Rwanda is legal, despite two courts now saying otherwise.

Which just about says everything that needs to be said about him and his daft politico pledges.

Laws apply to everyone, whether you’re Joe Public or the Prime Minister, and that’s all of them, not just the ones you happen to agree with.

By the time the Government gets to “vigorously challenge” the decision before the High Court, using the public purse to do so, we will in all likelihood be on the home strait to the next general election and almost certainly a Labour victory (until they inevitably screw it up of course and it’s all change again), so anyone not running on ego – and at our expense to boot – would recognise that arguing over something already deemed to be in breach of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights is not a good look and an egregious waste of our tax money during a severe cost of living crisis, although Rishi Rich appears oblivious to both.

We’ve done some pretty horrific things over the centuries in the name of empire which only now are we being held to account for (with no perspective of the times they were carried out in or the acknowledgement that we were far from alone in being complete gits to our fellow man – no one is expecting reparation or an apology from Mongolia for Genghis Khan…YET!).

History is unlikely to look kindly upon our politicians’ behaviour over the first two decades of this century either. So we should maybe just apologise for trying to force migrants onto a plane to a country which barely 30 years ago was involved in genocide (and the disgraceful Windrush scandal while we’re at it) now and resolve to be better from now on.

Good luck with that!


For every Cornetto still being sold by Unilever in Russia, that’s a bullet in a Russian gun, a bullet which will be fired and may kill a Ukrainian soldier fighting the unjust invasion of his country – a bullet which will rob a mother of a son, a wife of a husband, a child of a parent.

So when they’re making excuses about how withdrawing from Russia is not straightforward, even though other multinational companies have done just that, the people at Unilever, Shell and any other corporations still doing business with Putin should think about that.

I’m not particularly a fan of cricket, but England’s Johnny Bairstow hoisting a Just Stop Oil oik into the air mid run and carrying him off the field of play during the first Ashes test last week was certainly catch of the day for me.

And it didn’t even involve a bat or a ball.


After seeing the considerable height difference between Formula 1 driver Yuki Tsunoda and Mercedes’ George Russell as they chatted during the build up to Sunday’s Austrian Grand Prix, I’m left wondering how the 5ft 2in Japanese star reaches the pedals of his Alpha Tauri car.


In the latest Biden slip of the brain he referred to Iraq when he meant to say Ukraine.

I certainly hope all that American military hardware has gone to the right place.

Stupid TV quiz answer of the week

Tipping Point:

Q: Of the presidents depicted on Mt Rushmore, which is the only one to have held office in the 20th Century?

A: Harold Roosevelt

The Chase:

Q: Mikao Usui invented what Japanese energy healing technique?

A: Solar


Edward Case