Ilford build-to-rent tower block approved

A high-rise block of flats almost as tall as Big Ben is set to be built on a car park near Ilford station.

Plans for the enormous tower in Mill Road, which will be 23 storeys at its peak and only 21 metres shorter than the famous clocktower, were approved by Redbridge Council’s planning commitee on September 10.

The development will house 239 new flats, of which 162 will be market rent and the remaining 77 will be affordable, ranging from a fifth to a third less than average local prices.

Phillip Jones, who lives in Roding Court next to the car park, told councillors at the meeting he feared the tower would cast the bottom eight floors of his building into darkness.

He said: “This area is already viewed as a dumping ground for buildings. We would ask the council put their mind to improving life for those already living in the area.”

An agent for the developer, Telford Homes, responded that it has agreed to pay £224,500 for a new pedestrian crossing and £50,000 for a public artwork to improve the area.

Committee member Councillor Martin Sachs said: “I can see the arguments for and against this, more and more people want to live in London.

“The material quality of the flats is high, we desperately need the housing and on that point I intend to be voting for it.”

New tenants will not be eligible for local parking permits and only disabled tenants will have the right to parking spaces.

The Mill Road tower will help the Redbridge meet housing targets of 1,409 new homes this year, imposed by the mayor’s New London Plan, published in March this year.

Redbridge is the sixth worst borough in London for new home targets, already failing to meet 75% of its target for mid-February this year.

Because the borough has historically failed to meet these targets, the council must approve planning permission for all housing schemes unless their adverse impacts “significantly and demonstrably” outweigh their benefits.

Josh Mellor

Local Democracy Reporter