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Small Boats Week? More like Bloody Big Barge Week as Rishi and Cruella’s pathetic attempt at a mission statement/PR coup backfired in spectacular humiliating fashion within just five days.

What has become clear is that the few people that did succumb to bullying and climb aboard the Bibby Stockholm were pushed on to satisfy the timing with the Government aware that a safety report was still pending.

That report, revealing the presence of the bacteria legionella in the water supply, was received by the company managing the barge as the first 15 immigrants climbed the walkway, ladder, or gangplank, whichever you want to call it on Monday.

Over the next three days a trickle of unsuspecting outcasts continued to make the climb onto the HMS Deathtrap and it was Friday before those in charge of this Whitehall farce finally accepted there was no saving face and riding the wave of embarrassment was going to be preferable to a legionnaire’s disease outbreak.

But someone knew as those people were boarding the barge on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that they were walking into peril and for four days they let it happen.


“If they don’t like barges they should f*** off back to France.”

Not the comment of some far right yob with a CBO and a tattoo on his forehead, this was a quote on the record from Tory Party deputy chairman Lee Anderson MP, which he refuses to apologise for, was defended by justice secretary Alex Chalk and then by Downing Street, although the PM was on holiday with the family in the US (saves on accommodation costs I suppose) so there was no indication of how he felt about it.

But it seems they’ll let anyone into the Conservative Party nowadays.

Needless to say, after Friday’s evacuation of the Bibby Stockholm the only place these poor devils are likely to f*** off to is an isolation ward.

Maybe Mr Anderson would like to go and test the water himself.

It’s enough to make Churchill turn in his grave.


It’s being called a data breach, but the release of the names and ranks of 10,000 Northern Irish police officers and civilian staff members was not obtained by some whizzkid computer hacker using nefarious methods.

It was a cock up of monumental proportions where some idiot button pusher responding to a Freedom of Information request just put all of the names online without any thought about the people’s lives they were putting at risk from radical forces.

My late wife moved over here when her life became a routine of checking beneath her car every morning for explosive devices and this week 10,000 police employees in Northern Ireland have suddenly had to face the same threat or the very real possibility that family members could be put in danger in a bid by paramilitaries to extract information.

This level of incompetence is inexcusable.


I first visited The Crooked House in Himley 49 years ago when I had just learned how to drive. It was a wonderful place that had the ability to make you feel drunk before any beer had passed your lips.

For us Black Country types the pub was a place you just had to experience at least once in your life, although once usually meant that you would return to show someone else who hadn’t been before the magic of the wonkiest, that’s WONKIEST, place in Britain. A place where marbles appeared to roll upwards along the shelf behind one of the bench seats

It’s more than 40 years since I moved away, but the news of it being gutted by fire – police are treating it as arson – made me very sad.

What happened barely 24 hours after that – the complete razing to the ground of the crooked ruins without permission to do so – has filled me with almost as much anger as the apoplectic rage I’m feeling over the madhouse Molineux has become as the new footy season gets underway.

The whole sordid thing reeks of crooked poo and regardless of what transpires regarding the investigation into the rather convenient arson and hasty demolition, the development company that bought the building a few months ago should be made to rebuild the place brick by brick at their own cost.


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