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With cases of the new COVID Omicron variant already showing up here (in Brentwood and Nottingham), face masks are to once again become mandatory on public transport and in shops.

I never stopped wearing mine, but rules are pointless unless they’re going to be enforced.

That includes shops refusing entry to people not wearing masks and facing consequences themselves if they fail to do that.

The Co-op has said it’s not their place to enforce the rule or to refuse to serve anyone who chooses not to wear a face mask..

Why on earth not??

That’s a cop out Co-op. Grow a pair.

Other supermarkets say they are “reviewing” the new guidance.

What guidance? In the words of health secretary Sajid Javid, it’s a legal requirement.

The attitude of the retail sector is more about trying to avoid their staff being abused, but there’s something bigger at stake here.

Wearing a face mask has nothing to do with breaching civil liberties, this is just common sense and showing consideration for others.

No ifs or buts, just do the decent thing folks.


France is saying it wants “serious talks” with the UK over migrants coming across the English Channel.

Serious? That’s rich when French police have been filmed at Calais just watching and doing nothing as flimsy inflatables are carried to the seafront and loaded with desperate people and their frightened children.

The French authorities need to take a long hard look at themselves before they start pointing the finger about being “serious”.

Last week’s incident in which 27 people drowned was an accident waiting to happen. These poor souls didn’t set to sea in the equivalent of a kid’s paddling pool out of stupidity. What little money they had was handed over to the people traffickers who have become rich on the misery of others. They knew the risk yet they were still prepared to take it because they didn’t see any other choice.

If they had made it to the British mainland, chances are they would have been apprehended and sent back to their country of origin yet still they did it.

Closing the Channel route to refugees (because that’s what they are, not just Daily Mail migrants) has to begin in France, but we have to be open to justifiable requests for asylum. A lot of these folks are well educated and have family over here already. They could offer the country just as much as we offer them.

But considering how we’ve treated the Windrush generation, who contributed immeasurably to this country, I really can’t see why Britain is such an attractive option anyway.


Anyone else out there with a brain that refuses to turn off at the appropriate time will know that it can seriously mess with your body clock and your mental wellbeing.

I’ve tried all sorts of things to no avail – I don’t like the idea of sleeping tablets, meditation is impossible when your inner being is prodding you in the temples about the things you didn’t do today, such as finish this column or finally get rid of the two suitcases of my late mother’s stuff that have been parked in my hallway for the past three years, and weed just makes me want to play piano in 13/8 time at 3 in the morning.

Any sensible suggestions gratefully considered.

Stupid TV quiz answers of the week:

Tipping Point, of course.

Q: Peru’s national currency shares its name with which Mexican beer?

A: Carling

Q: The musical instrument that consists of a wooden cylinder with grooves cut into it and a metal rod that is scraped across it belongs to which section of an orchestra?

A: Woodwind


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