It happened today – on this day in history – November 9

1541: Catherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife is confined in the Tower of London.

1580: Spanish troops land in Ireland.

1673: Charles I dismisses the Earl of Shaftsbury.

1729: Spain, France and Britain sign the Treaty of Seville.

1799: Napoleon Bonaparte stages a coup and becomes the dictator of France under the title First Consul.

1841: Birth of Edward VII.

1872: Almost 1,000 buildings are destroyed in The Great Boston Fire.

1888: Jack The Ripper’s fifth victim, Mary Kelly is found eviscerated in her room.

1906: Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first US President to visit another country when he travels to Panama and Puerto Rico.

1907: The Cullinan Diamond is presented to King Edward VII on his birthday.

1914: Birth of Hedy Lamarr, actress and inventor of a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes in the Second World War.

1918: Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates after Germany is defeated in the First World War.

1921: The Partito Nazionalista Fascista is formed in Italy by Benito Mussolini.

1923: Nazis fail to overthrow the government in the second day of the Beer Hall Putsch. Hitler flees.

1930: The first non stop flight from New York to Panama.

1932: A hurricane hits Cuba, killing 2,500 people.

1937: The Japanese army conquers Shanghai. On the same day, former Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald dies.

1938: Kristallnacht, the first large-scale program of anti-Jewish violence, begins in Germany and Austria.

1940: Former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain dies of bowel cancer.

1953: Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, founder and first King of Saudi Arabia dies aged 78. On the same day, Welsh poet Dylan Thomas dies aged 39.

1955: The Everly Brothers made their first studio recordings cutting four tracks in 22 minutes, at Nashville’s Old Tulane Hotel studios.

1961: Brian Epstein saw The Beatles playing. live for the first time during a lunchtime session at The Cavern in Matthew Street, Liverpool.

1966: John Lennon met Yoko Ono for the first time at her art exhibition ‘Unfinished Paintings and Objects’ at the Indica Gallery, London.

1969: Simon and Garfunkel record the song Bridge Over Troubled Water with Larry Knechtel on piano.

1970: Former French President Charles de Gaulle dies aged 79.

1980: Iraqi President Saddam Hussain declares a holy war against Iran.

1990: The internal revenue seized all of country singer Willie Nelson’s bank accounts and real estate holdings in connection with a $16million tax debt.

1996: Evander Holyfield defeats Mike Tyson to become only the second boxer after Muhammad Ali to win the world heavyweight title three times.

2004: Stieg Larsson, author of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, dies of a heart attack aged 50.

2012: Death of Coronation Street actor Bill Tarmey.

BIRTHDAYS: Roger McGough, poet, 82; Phil May, singer (The Pretty Things) 75; Lou Ferrigno, actor/bodybuilder 68; Demetra Plakas, drummer (L7) 59; Susan Tedeschi, musician 49; Eric Dane, actor, 47; Caroline Flack, TV presenter, 40; Delta Goodrem, singer, 35.

Mick Ferris

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