It happened today – this day in history – April 16

1457BC: Egyptian forces of Thutmose III defeat a large Canaanite coalition under King of Kadesh at the Battle of Megiddo – the first battle recorded with a reliable account.

1346: The Serbian Empire is proclaimed in Skopje at an Easter assembly and Stephen Uroš IV Dušan crowned Emperor over much of the Balkans.

1521: Martin Luther arrives at the Diet of Worms assembly.

1705: Queen Anne knights Isaac Newton at Trinity College, Cambridge.

1746: The Battle of Culloden, the last battle on British soil: Royalist troops under the Duke of Cumberland defeat the Jacobite army of Charles Edward Stuart.

1799: Napoleonic Wars: The Battle of Mount Tabor – Napoleon drives Ottoman Turks across the River Jordan near Acre.

1816: Lord Byron signs Deed of Separation dissolving his marriage with Lady Byron at her request after one year of marriage.

1854: Premiere of Franz Liszt’s symphonic poem “Mazeppa”. On the same day, San Salvador on El Salvador is destroyed by earthquake.

1881: Bartholomew “Bat” Masterton fights his last gun battle in Dodge City, Kansas against US Army Sergeant Melvin King after being discovered in bed with King’s girlfriend. Masterton took a bullet in the pelvis but got off a fatal shot as he fell.

1889: Birth of Charlie Chaplin in London.

1912: Harriet Quimby becomes the first woman to fly across the English Channel.

1917: Lenin arrives back from exile in Russia to join the Russian Revolution, issuing his “April Theses” calling for Soviets to take power.

1922: Shooter Annie Oakley sets a women’s record by breaking 100 clay targets in a row.

1932: The classic short film “The Music Box” starring Laurel and Hardy is released.

1938: Britain recognises Italy’s annexation of Abyssinia.

1939: The Soviet Union proposes an alliance with Britain and France to counter Nazi Germany; Stalin would later sign a secret agreement with the Nazis – not that it made any difference.

1943: Swiss scientist Dr. Albert Hofmann discovers the psychedelic effects of LSD.

1945: The Dutch town of Arnhem is liberated by British and Canadian forces. On the same day, the Red Army begins its attack on Berlin and US troops enter Nuremberg.

1953: The Queen launches the Royal Yacht HMS Britannia in Scotland.

1956: Chuck Berry records his song Roll Over Beethoven in Chicago.


1964: Sentences totalling 307 years are passed on 12 men who carried out the Great Train Robbery in August 1963. On the same day, The Beatles film the chase scenes for A Hard Day’s Night in the Notting Hill Gate area of London. In the evening they record the Lennon/McCartney title track for the film at EMI Studios, Abbey Road. The title came from one of drummer Ringo Starr’s sayings.

1966: Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith breaks diplomatic relations with Britain.

1970: Protestant right-winger Ian Paisley wins a seat in Northern Ireland’s parliament.

1972: Launch of Apollo 16 to the moon with astronauts John Young, Ken Mattingly and Charles Duke. On the same day, Two British soldiers are shot dead by the IRA in separate incidents in Derry.

1978: Singles chart:

  1. Matchstalk Men And Matchstalk Cats And Dogs – Brian and Michael
  2. Night Fever – The Bee Gees
  3. I Wonder Why – Showaddywaddy
  4. If You Can’t Give Me Love – Suzi Quatro
  5. With A Little Luck – Wings
  6. Never Let Her Slip Away – Andrew Gold
  7. Too Much Too Little Too Late – Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams
  8. Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty
  9. Follow You Follow Me – Genesis
  10. Denis – Blondie
1978: Kate Bush – The Kick Inside

Album chart:

  1. 20 Golden Greats – Nat King Cole
  2. Saturday Night Fever – The Bee Gees
  3. And Then There Were Three – Genesis
  4. London Town – Wings
  5. The Album – ABBA
  6. 20 Golden Greats – Buddy Holly and the Crickets
  7. The Kick Inside – Kate Bush
  8. Kaya – Bob Marley and the Wailerss
  9. City To City – Gerry Rafferty
  10. This Year’s Model – Elvis Costello

1987: Billericay MP Harvey Proctor appears before Bow Street Magistrates charged with gross indecency.

1991: Death of director David Lean aged 83.

1993: The UN Security Council votes to create a safe haven for Bosnian Muslims under siege in the town of Srebrenica.

1994: Duncan Ferguson of Rangers headbutts Raith Rovers defender Jock McStay during a game at Ibrox and although the clash isn’t noticed by the match officials it is caught on camera and he ends up in court charged with assault. He was found guilty and sentenced to three months in prison. The first professional player in Britain to be jailed for a incident on the football pitch.

1999: On TV (Friday)


06.00Business Breakfast

07.00Breakfast News


09.45Can’t Cook Won’t Cook

10.15The Vanessa Show


11.05City Hospital


12.00Going for a Song


12.50The Weather Show

13.00One o’Clock News



14.55Through the Keyhole


15.45Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes

16.00Anthony Ant

16.15Get Your Own Back

16.35The Mask


17.10Blue Peter


18.00Six o’Clock News

18.30Regional news magazine

19.00Weekend Watchdog with Anne Robinson

19.30Top of the Pops
Jayne Middlemiss introduces Phats & Small, TLC, The Cranberries, Geri Halliwell, Martine McCutcheon and The New Radicals.

20.00Ground Force

20.30The Builders

21.00Nine o’Clock News

21.35The Matchmaker

22.15Real Women

23.05Film: An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)
Romantic drama starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger.


00.00Despatch Box

00.30BBC Learning Zone

07.00Noddy in Toyland

07.30Top Cat


08.20Dastardly and Muttley

08.40Polka Dot Shorts


09.00The Munsters

09.25The Phil Silvers Show

09.50Just So Stories


10.30Film: Deception (1946)
Crime drama starring Bette Davis, Paul Henreid and Claude Rains.

12.20Beautiful Things

12.30Working Lunch

13.00Johnson and Friends

13.10The Leisure Hour

14.10Top Gear Take Two

14.30Racing from Newbury

16.00The Village

16.25Ready Steady Cook


17.30Whose House?

18.00The Simpsons

18.45Lee and Herring’s This Morning with Richard, Not Judy
Comedy series, with Stewart Lee and Richard Herring.

19.15Electric Circus

19.30Walden on Villains

20.00As the Crow Flies

20.30Gardeners’ World

21.00Have I Got News For You
Hosted by Angus Deayton with team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton.

21.30Red Dwarf VIII



23.20Later… with Jools Holland
Live performances by Blur, Van Morrison, Candi Staton and Natacha Atlas


04.30Live and Dangerous

05.30100 Per Cent

06.005 News and Sport



07.35Muppet Babies


08.30Dappledown Farm

09.00Nancy Lam

09.30The Oprah Winfrey Show

10.20Sunset Beach


12.005 News at Noon

12.30Family Affairs

13.00The Bold and the Beautiful

13.30The Roseanne Show

14.00McMillan and Wife

15.20Film: West Point Story (1950)
A Broadway producer stages a show at a military academy. Stars James Cagney and Virginia Mayo.

17.205 News

17.30100 Per Cent

18.005 News and Sport

18.30Family Affairs

19.00Knight Rider

19.30Aussie Birds

20.00Was It Good for You?

20.30Nick’s Quest

21.00Film: The Heart of the Lie (1991)
A police officer is blamed for murder.

22.50Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories

23.40TV Movie: In Dark Places (1997)
Erotic thriller starring Joan Severance.




10.30This Morning

12.20Your Shout

12.25Regional News

12.30News, Weather

12.55London Today

13.25The Jerry Springer Show

14.10Lie Detector

14.40Wheel of Fortune

15.10News Headlines

15.15Regional News



15.35Animal Stories

15.45Giggly Bitz

16.00Pump It Up

16.30Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog


17.30Boot Sale Challenge

18.00London Tonight

18.30National News, Weather

19.00Play Your Cards Right

19.30Coronation Street

20.00Parking Wars

20.30Motorway Life

21.00Family Feuds

22.00Holidays From Hell

22.30Pleasure Island

23.00News, Weather

23.20Regional News

23.30Night Life


07.00The Big Breakfast

09.00The Bigger Breakfast

09.05Saved by The Bell

09.30Sam and Max


10.20Boy Meets World


11.15The Bigger Breakfast


12.00Sesame Street


13.00Caroline In The City

13.30Little Gems

14.00Film: Julie (1956)
A woman discovers her pianist husband is a murderer. Thriller starring Doris Day.

15.30Collectors’ Lot

16.00Fifteen To One


17.00Ricki Lake

17.30Pet Rescue

18.00TFI Friday
Chris Evans with guests Boyzone, UB40 and Texas

19.00Channel 4 News, Weather

19.55The A-Z Of Scotland

20.00Trading Up



21.30Smack The Pony


22.30So Graham Norton

23.00The Adam and Joe Show

23.40TFI Friday

2001: During Southend United’s Division 3 match with Mansfield Town at Roots Hall, referee Mike North collapses in the centre circle and dies of a heart attack.

2004: Super liner Queen Mary 2 embarks on her first Transatlantic crossing.

2007: The Virginia Tech massacre: The deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. Gunman, Seung-Hui Cho, kills 32 people and injures 23 others before committing suicide.

2014: South Korean ferry MV Sewol sinks en route from Incheon to Jeju, 304 drown, mostly students.

2018: Kendrick Lamar becomes the first rapper and non classical or jazz musician to win the Pulitzer Prize for music with his album “Damn”.

2021: Raúl Castro confirms he is resigning as Cuban Communist Party leader, ending his family’s six decade leadership of Cuba. On the same day, actress Helen McCrory dies from cancer aged 52.

BIRTHDAYS: Baroness Joan Bakewell, broadcaster, 89; Bobby Vinton, singer-songwriter, 87; Peter Garrett, singer (Midnight Oil), 69; Ellen Barkin, actress, 68; Paul Buchanan, singer-songwriter, (The Blue Nile), 66; Rafa Benitez, football manager, 62; Jimmy Osmond, singer, 59; Nick Berry, actor/singer, 59; Martin Lawrence, actor, 57; Gabrielle (Louise Bobb) singer, 52; Max Beesley, actor/muician, 51; Akon, (Aliaune Thiam), singer, 49; Lukas Haas, actor, 46; Freddie Ljungberg, football manager, 45; Claire Foy, actress, 38; Paul di Resta, racing driver, 36; Aaron Lennon, footballer, 35; Chance the Rapper (Chancelor Bennett) rapper, 29; Sadie Sink, actress, 20.