It happened today – this day in history – April 25

1284: Birth of Edward II at Caernarfon Castle, Wales.

1599: Oliver Cromwell is born in Huntingdon.

1607: The Dutch fleet beats the Spanish Portuguese fleet at the Battle f Gibraltar.

1644: The last Ming emperor, Chongzhen hangs himself from a tree on Jing Mountain, Peking, rather than be captured by forces of Li Zicheng.

1660: English Convention Parliament meets and votes to restore Charles II.

1684: Patent granted for the thimble.

1719: Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe is published.

1742: Elizabeth of Russia crowns herself Empress in the Dormition Cathedral, Moscow.

1792: The guillotine is first used in France – executes highwayman Nicolas Pelletier.On the same day, “La Marseillaise”, later the national anthem of France, is composed by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle.

1829: Charles Fremantle arrives in HMS Challenger off the coast of modern-day Western Australia prior to declaring the Swan River Colony for Britain.

1846: Open conflict begins over the disputed border of Texas, triggering the Mexican-American War.

1859: Ground broken for the building of the Suez Canal.

1867: Tokyo opens for foreign trade.

1875: Trinley Gyatso, 12th Dalai Lama, dies at 18.

1881: 250,000 Germans petition to bar foreign Jews from entering Germany.

1914: US President Woodrow Wilson is persuaded by Argentina, Brazil, and Chile to accept mediation in the conflict with Mexico.

1925: Paul von Hindenburg is elected President of Germany.

1926: Giacomo Puccini’s opera “Turandot” premieres in Milan. On the same day, Persian Cossack officer Reza Chan crowns himself Shah Palawi.

1942: Beginning of a three-night bombing blitz on Bath by the German Luftwaffe.

1945: Soviet forces complete their encirclement of Berlin, cutting off all access points west of the German capital.

1953: Jack Charlton makes his League debut against Doncaster Rovers at Elland Road in Leeds’ last Division 2 match of the 1952/53 season – the first of what would be a club record 629 League appearances for the club. As he left the dressing room he asked manager Raich Carter what he should be doing and was told: “See how fast their centre forward can limp.” On the same day, Cambridge University scientists Francis Crick and James D Watson publish their discovery of DNA.

1954: Bell Labs announces the first solar battery made from silicon. It has about 6 per cent efficiency. On the same day, the British raid Nairobi, Kenya and 25,000 Mau Mau suspects are arrested.

1956: Noel Coward’s musical “South Sea Bubble” premieres in London.

1961: Robert Noyce patents the integrated circuit. On the same day, an unmanned Mercury test rocket explodes on the launch pad.


1962: The US Ranger spacecraft crash lands on the dark side of the Moon.

1967: Days after completing work on the Sgt Pepper album, The Beatles record the theme to Magical Mystery Tour at EMI Studios in Abbey Road, St John’s Wood.

1971: About 200,000 anti-Vietnam War protesters march on Washington, D.C.

Singles chart:

  1. Double Barrel – Dave and Ansel Collins
  2. Hot Love – T. Rex
  3. Knock Three Times – Dawn
  4. Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones
  5. Mozart’s Symphony No 40 – Waldo de Los Rios
  6. Bridget The Midget – Ray Stevens
  7. It Don’t Come Easy – Ringo Starr
  8. Where Do I Begin) Love Story – Andy Williams
  9. Remember Me – Diana Ross
  10. Walkin’ – CCS
1971: The Groundhogs – Split

Album chart:

  1. Motown Chartbusters Vol 5 – Various Artists
  2. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon and Garfunkel
  3. Home Lovin’ Man – Andy Williams
  4. Songs Of Love And Hate – Leonard Cohen
  5. Split – The Groundhogs
  6. Aqualung – Jethro Tull
  7. Cry Of Love – Jimi Hendrix
  8. The Yes Album – Yes
  9. Greatest Hits – Andy Williams
  10. Portrait In Music – Burt Bacharach

1974: Günter Guillaume, an aide to West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, is exposed as a Stasi spy. On the same day, Portuguese Prime Minister Marcello Caetano is overthrown by army rebels in the Carnation revolution, bringing the authoritarian Estado Novo government to an end.

1975: Mario Soares’ Socialist Party wins Portugal’s first free election since 1925.

1979: The peace treaty between Israel and Egypt goes into effect.

1980: A top-secret attempt by the United States to free American hostages held in Iran ends in catastrophic failure with the deaths of eight soldiers.

1982: Britain re-establishes its presence in the Falkland Islands after a two-hour assault by Royal Marines against Argentinian forces on the remote island of South Georgia.

1983: The German magazine, Stern, publishes the first instalment of the controversial “Hitler Diaries”, said to be written by the Führer himself but later exposed as fake. On the sme day, NASA space probe Pioneer 10 travels beyond Pluto’s orbit.

1985: The West German Parliament rules it is illegal to deny the Holocaust.

1986: Bobby Moore resigns as manager of Southend – the only League club he managed.

1990: The white Fender Stratocaster guitar played by Jimi Hendrix at the Woodstock festival is auctioned off for a record $295,000. On the same day, the Hubble space telescope is placed into orbit by the shuttle Discovery.

1993: Russia elects Boris Yeltsin as leader.

1995: Death of Hollywood legend Ginger Rogers aged 83.

2002: Two teenage brothers are cleared of the murder of 10-year-old Damilola Taylor in Peckham in November 2000. On the same day, TLC member Lisa “Left Eye”Lopes is killed in a car accident in La Ceiba, Honduras, aged 30.

2007: Alan Ball, the youngest member of England’s 1966 World Cup winners, dies of a heart attack while putting out a bonfire in his garden. On the same day, singer Bobby “Boris” Pickett dies of leukaemia at the age of 69.

2008: Death of jazz trumpeter and broadcaster Humphrey Lyttleton, aged 86.

2017: Sir Elton John contracts a potentially deadly bacterial infection during a tour, forcing him to spend two nights in intensive care and cancel concerts in the US.

2018: Danish inventor Peter Madsen is found guilty of killing and desecrating the body of journalist Kim Wall aboard a submarine. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

2019: Former US Vice President Joe Biden announces his campaign for president.

BIRTHDAYS: William Roach, actor, 89; Al (Alfredo) Pacino, actor/director 81; Tony Christie (Fitzgerald), singer, 78; Charlie Harper, singer (UK Subs) 77; Len Goodman, TV personality/ballroom judge, 77; Bjorn Ulvaeus, singer-songwriter/guitarist (ABBA) 76; Stu Cook, bassist (Credence Clearwater Revival), 76; Talia Shire, actress, 75; Steve Ferrone, drummer, 71; Linda Womack (Zeriiya Zekkariyas) singer-songwriter, 68; Fish, (Derek Dick), singer, 63; David Moyes, football manager, 58; Andy Bell, singer (Erasure), 57; Hank Azaria, actor, 57; Eric Avery, bassist (Jane’s Addiction) 56; Simon Fowler, singer-songwriter (Ocean Colour Scene) 56; Renée Zellweger, actress, 52; Jason Lee, actor, 51; Felipe Massa, racing driver, 40; Monty Panesar, cricketer, 39; Leander Dendoncker, footballer, 26.