It happened today – this day in history – April 27

1124: David I becomes king of Scots.

1296: The Scots are defeated by Edward I of England at The Battle of Dunbar.

1521: Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan is killed by Filipino natives.

1646: Charles I flees Oxford.

1667: Blind and impoverished poet John Milton sells the copyright to “Paradise Lost” for £10.

1749: First performance of Handel’s Music For Fireworks in Green Park, London.

1810: Ludwig van Beethoven composes his piano piece “Für Elise”.

1828: The Zoological Gardens at Regent’s Park open.

1840: The foundation stone for the new Palace of Westminster is laid by Sarah Barry, wife of architect Charles Barry.

1861: US President Abraham Lincoln suspends writ of habeas corpus. On the same day, West Virginia splits from Virginia after Virginia secedes from the Union.

1891: Birth of composer Sergei Prokofiev in the Ukraine.

1904: Birth of Irish poet Cecil Day-Lewis.

1908: The Olympic Games open in London.

1940: Heinrich Himmler orders the creation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

1941: German troops occupy Athens.

1943: Polish Resistance fighter Witold Pilecki escapes from Auschwitz after having voluntarily been imprisoned there to gain information about the Holocaust.

1945: Russian and American troops join hands at the River Elbe in Germany, bringing the end of the war a step closer. On the same day, Italian partisans capture Benito Mussolini.

1956: World heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano retires undefeated.

1959: Mao Zedong resigns as chairman of the PRC after the disastrous failure of the Great Leap Forward.

1960: Togo declares independence from French administration. On the same day, President Syngman Rhee of South Korea resigns after 12 years in power.

1961: Sierra Leone becomes independent after more than 150 years of British colonial rule. On the same day, NASA launches Explorer 11 into Earth orbit to study gamma rays.

1962: Arnold Wesker’s “Chips with Everything” premieres in London.

1963: Cuban leader Fidel Castro arrives in Moscow.


1966: Working at EMI Studios in Abbey Road, The Beatles begin recording a new John Lennon song I’m Only Sleeping for the Revolver album featuring the first ever backwards guitar solo.

1967: Singles Chart:

  1. Puppet On A String – Sandie Shaw
  2. Somethin’ Stupid – Frank and Nancy Sinatra
  3. A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You – The Monkees
  4. Ha Ha Said The Clown – Manfred Mann
  5. Purple Haze – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  6. I’m Gonna Get Me A Gun – Cat Stevens
  7. I Can Hear The Grass Grow – The Move
  8. Release Me – Engelbert Humprdinck
  9. Dedicated To The One I Love – The Mamas and Papas
  10. Beernadette – The Four Tops
1969: Led Zeppelin

1969: Album Chart:

  1. Best Of – The Seekers
  2. Songs From A Room – Leonard Cohen
  3. On The Threshold Of A Dream – The Moody Blues
  4. Elvis (NBC TV Special) – Elvis Presley
  5. Goodbye – Cream
  6. Hair – London Cast
  7. Live At The Talk Of The Town – The Sseekers
  8. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin
  9. Gentle On My Mind – Dean Martin
  10. Oliver! – Original Soundtrack

1974: A back-heel from Manchester City’s Denis Law condemns his former club, Manchester United to relegation. Law is immediately substituted and never plays league football again.

1976: Customs officers on a train at the Russian/Polish Border detain David Bowie after Nazi books and mementos are found in his luggage.

1981: Ringo Starr marries actress Barbara Bach.

1982: The trial of John Hinckley begins for the attempted assassination of US President Ronald Reagan.

1984: The siege of the Libyan Embassy in London ends 11 days after the shooting of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the St James’s Square building.

1986: Soviet authorities order the evacuation of the city of Pripyat (pop. 50,000) one day after the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

1987: The US Justice Department bars Austrian Chancellor and former UN General Secretary Kurt Waldheim from entering the country, due to his aid of Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

1989: Students take over Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China.

1992: The House of Commons elects a woman to the post of Speaker for the first time in its 700-year history. Labour MP Betty Boothroyd wins by a decisive majority. On the same day, The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, comprising Serbia and Montenegro, is proclaimed.

1996: Actor Sean Penn marries actress Robin Wright.

On TV (Saturday)


05.30ITN Morning News




10.55It’s Not Just Saturday

11.30The Chart Show


13.00ITN Lunchtime News

13.05London Today

13.10Movies, Games and Videos

13.45Cartoon Time

13.55Film: The Magnificent Two (1967)
Comedy starrring Morecambe and Wise


16.45ITN Early Evening News

17.05London Tonight



18.15International Gladiators
Ulrika Jonsson, Mike Adamie and Kimberley Joseph introduce gladiators from Australia, Germany, South Africa, Russia, America and the UK

19.15The Shane Richie Experience

20.05Stars in Their Eyes

20.50ITN News and National Lottery

21.05The Governor

22.05Film: F/X2 (1991)


06.10Sesame Street

07.05Little Dracula

07.30World League Football

08.00Transworld Sport

09.00The Morning Line

10.00The Greatest

10.30NBA 24/7

11.00Gazzetta Football Italia

12.00Sign On

12.30The Great Maratha

13.00Film: The Toast of New Orleans (1950)
A simple fisherman from the Louisiana bayou becomes New Orleans’s most loved opera singer. Starring Mario Lanza and David Niven.

14.45Channel 4 Racing


18.30Right to Reply

19.00A Week in Politics

20.00Cutting Edge

21.00The Gaby Roslin Show

22.00Drop the Dead Donkey
Comedy series set in a TV newsroom

22.35The Girl Club

23.20Danube Blues

23.50The Celebrity Inn


07.25News; Weather

07.30Children’s BBC Presents: Saturday Aardvark

Introduced by Dougie Donnelly featuring coverage of the opening day’s play in the World Snooker Championship from the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, horse racing from
Newbury, motor cycling from the second round of the British Superbike Championship and Final Score.

17.15News and Weather

17.25Regional News and Sport

17.30Stay Tooned!

17.55Big Break
Snooker game show.with host Jim Davidson and referee John Virgo.

18.25The New Adventures of Superman
Staring Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher. Lois and Clark are tricked into entering a virtual reality world by computer genius Jaxon Xavier, the son of criminal mastermind Lex Luthor.

Simon Mayo hosts the entertainment show in which he and his team extract confessions from the unsuspecting.

19.50The National Lottery Live

Action series set in the world of high-tech crime starring Craig McLachlan.

20.55News and Sport

21.15Film: The ‘Burbs (1989)
Comedy starring Tom Hanks

22.50They Think It’s All Over
Light-hearted sports quiz umpired by Nick Hancock. Captains Gary
Lineker and David Gowerare assisted by comedians Rory McGrath and Lee Hurst. Guests Frank Skinner and Teddy Sheringham.

23.20Film: Alligator (1980)
Investigating a series of mysterious deaths, a detective discovers a hidden predator stalking the sewers.


06.00Open University

12.20Milestones in Science and Engineering

12.35Film: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
Oscar-winningWestem sstarring Humphrey Bogart and Walter Huston

14.35Film: Moby Dick (1956)
Classic adventure starring Gregory Peck

16.30World Snooker

18.50What the Papers Say

19.05News and Sport


Opening a four-part documentary portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, arguably one of the greatest American presidents.

21.00Have I Got News for You

21.30World Snooker

23.30Court TV
Seventh in a nine-part series. The Parole Hearing of Patricia Krenwinkel. A member of the notorious Charles Manson “family”,

2005: The super jumbo jet aircraft Airbus A380 makes its first flight from Toulouse, France.

2018: North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in of South Korea agree to officially end the Korean war and rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons.

2019: Pope Francis donates $500,000 for migrants stranded in Mexico trying to reach the US.

2020: Global confirmed cases of COVID-19 pass 3 million with the death toll at 205,000.

2021: Brazil’s Senate orders an official inquiry into President Jair Bolsonaro and government officials’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2022: Space X launches its Crew Dragon capsule with four astronauts. On the same day, folk singer Judy Henske dies aged 85.

2023: Former Vice Presidnt Mike Pence appears before the federal grand jury investigating Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the result of the 2020 US election. On the same day, talk show hot Jerry Springer dies aged 79 from pancreatic cacer.

Lizzo (Photo: Raph_PH)

BIRTHDAYS: Jim Keltner, drummer, 82; Ann Peebles, singer-songwriter, 77; Kate Pierson, singer (The B52s) 76; Ace (Paul) Frehley, guitarist (Kiss) 73; Kevin McNally, actor, 68; Sheena Easton, singer, 65; Marco Pirroni, guitarist/songwriter (Adam and the Ants) 65; Russell T Davies, TV writer, 61; Anna Chancellor, actrss, 59; Mica Paris, singer/broadcaster, 55; Dame Darcey Bushell, ballerina, 55; Tess Daly, TV presenter, 53; Sally Hawkins, actress, 48; Jenna Coleman, actress, 38; Lizzo (Melissa Jefferson), singer-songwriter/flautist, 36; Nick Kyrgios, tennis star, 29.