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1265: Prince Edward beats Simon de Montfort the younger at the Battle of Evesham.

1306: Wenceslaus III of Bohemia is stabbed to death aged 16.

1347: English troops conquer Fort Calais.

1704: English and Dutch troops occupy Gibraltar during the War of Spanish Succession.

1730: Crown prince Frederick of Prussia escapes to England.

1782: Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart marries Constanze Weber in St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.

1789: The National Constituent Assembly meets and issues the first decrees that abolish centuries of feudalism in France.

1792: Birth of poet Percy Bysshe Shelley in Horsham, Sussex.

1875: Writer of fairytales, Hans Christian Andersen, dies aged 70.

1892: Sunday school teacher Lizzie Borden is arrested in Fall River, Massachusetts, after the axe murders of her parents.

1900: An allied expeditionary force, made up of Japanese, Russian, British, French and American troops, sets off from Tientsin for Peking to put down Boxer rebellion.

1902: The Greenwich foot tunnel opens under the River Thames.

1903: Cardinal Giuseppe Sarto of Venice elected Pope Pius X.

1914: The German army shoots Belgian priests and burns down the village of Battice. Britain declares war on Germany and Lord Kitchener becomes Minister of War. The US declares its neutrality.

1918: Adolf Hitler receives the Iron Cross first class for bravery on the recommendation of his Jewish superior, Lieutenant Hugo Gutmann.

1919: Hungarian communist leader Béla Kun flees to Vienna after the Hungarian Soviet Republic is overthrown by the Romanian Army.

1934: The British Empire Games open at London’s White City Stadium.

1936: Jesse Owens wins the gold medal for the long jump at the Berlin Olympics.

1942: Winston Churchill arrives in Cairo.

1944: Anne Frank is arrested in Amsterdam by German Security Police after a tip off.

1948: Fanny Blankers-Koen of the Netherlands wins the 80m hurdles in Olympic record 11.2 at the London Olympics.

1952: Gambling boss Theodore Roe is murdered by hitmen working for mobster Sam Giancana.

1957: Maserati driver Juan Manuel Fangio clinches his record fifth Formula 1 World Drivers Championship winning the German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.

1960: A rocket propelled USAF research aircraft sets a flight speed record of 2,150mph.

1962: Nelson Mandela is captured by South African police.

1963: Album chart:

  1. Please Please Me – The Beatles
  2. Greatest Hits – The Shadows
  3. Cliff’s Hit Album – Cliff Richard
  4. It Happened At The World’s Fair – Elvis Presley
  5. West Side Story – Original Soundtrack
  6. Reminiscing – Buddy Holly
  7. I’ll Remember You – Frank Ifield
  8. Summer Holiday – Cliff Richard
  9. Billy – Billy Fury
  10. Concert Sinatra – Frank Sinatra
1963: The Beatles – Please Please Me

1964: The bodies of three civil rights workers missing for six weeks are found buried in a partially constructed dam in Mississippi. The investigation and subsequent trial was dramatised in the film “Mississippi Burning”. On the same day Jazz saxophonist and composer marries fellow musician Alice Macleod.

1966: The British Empire Games & Commonwealth Games open in Kingston, Jamaica.

1971: The US launches the first satellite into lunar orbit from a manned spacecraft.

1972: Arthur Bremer is sentenced to 63 year in prison for the attempted assassination of segregationist Governor of Alabama George Wallace, who was left wheelchair-bound by the shooting in Maryland on May 15. On the same day, Udictator Idi Amin orders the expulsion of 50,000 Asians with British passports from Uganda.

1975: Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant and his wife were both badly injured when the hire car he was driving spun off the road and crashed on the Greek island of Rhodes. He had to record the vocals for the band’s Presence album from a wheelchair or on crutches.

1984: Carl Lewis wins the 100m in 9.9 seconds at the Los Angeles Olympics. On the same day, the Republic of Upper Volta becomes Burkina Faso.

1995: The Croatian army attacks territory under the Republic of Serbian Krajina in the largest land battle since WWII.

1996: The Olympic Games close in Atlanta.

Singles chart:

  1. Wannabe – The Spice Girls
  2. Freedom – Robbie Williams
  3. Trash – Suede
  4. Good Enough – Dodgy
  5. Macarena – Los Del Rio
  6. Killing Me Softly – Fugees
  7. Mysterious Girl – Peter Andre ft Bubbler Ranx
  8. Tha Crossroads – Bone Thugs N Harmony
  9. Born Slippy – Underworld
  10. Higher State of Consciousness 96 Remixes – Wink

1999: Actor Victor Mature dies from leukaemia aged 86.

2000: Celebrations take place across the UK to mark the 100th birthday of the Queen Mother.

2002: Cambridgeshire schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman go missing from a family barbecue at Holly’s house in Soham.

2005: Blues singer and guitarist Little Milton died after being in a coma since July 25 following a brain aneurysm.

2007: Singer, songwriter Lee Hazlewood died of cancer, in his home near Las Vegas aged 78.

2009: North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il meets with former US President Bill Clinton and releases captured American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling who had been found guilty of entering the country illegally.

2011: Mark Duggan, 29, is shot by police in Tottenham, sparking widespread riots that cost an estimated £200 million worth of property damage.

2012: South African Oscar Pistorius becomes first double-leg amputee to compete at the Olympics in the 400m. He goes out in the semis. On the same day, Serena Williams wins Olympic gold in London, beating Maria Sharapova 6-0, 6-1 in the ladies singles. Also, actress Natalie Portman marries ballet dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied in California.

2013: Hassan Rouhani is inaugurated as the President of Iran.

2015: A plague of locusts in Southern Russia prompts a state of emergency to be declared.

2017: Aldi supermarket withdraws all eggs from sale after the chemical fipronil is found in eggs from The Netherlands.

2018: President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela survives an assassination attempt by drone, live on TV.

2019: Frank Zapata becomes the first person to cross the English Channel by flyboard in 22 minutes. (average speed 60mph).

BIRTHDAYS: Klaus Schulze, musician (Tangerine Dream) 73; Maire Brennan, singer (Clannad) 68; Vini Reilly, musician (The Durutti Column), 67; Billy Bob Thornton, actor, 65; John Wark, former footballer, 63; Mary Decker, American athlete, 62; Ian Broudie, singer-songwriter (The Lightning Seeds) 62; Barack Obama, former US President, 59; Rob Cieka, drummer, (The Boo Radleys) 52; Daniel Dae Kim, actor, 52; Max Cavalera guitarist/singer (Sepultura) 51; (Rachel) Meghan Windsor (Markle), Duchess of Sussex, 39.


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