It happened today – this day in history – January 28

814: Death of Charlemagne aged 71.

1099: Siege of Hosn-el-Akrad, Syria, during the First Crusade.

1225: Birth of St Thomas Aquinas in Italy.

1457: Birth of Henry VII at Pembroke Castle.

1495: Pope Alexander VI gives his son Cesare Borgia as a hostage to Charles VIII of France.

1547:Nine-year-old Edward VI succeeds Henry VIII as king.

1596: Sir Francis Drake dies of dysentery aged 50.

1671: Pirate Henry Morgan captures Panama City.

1689: Parliament resolves that the English throne is vacant.

1770: Frederick North becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain after Augustus FitzRoy resigns.

1807: London’s Pall Mall becomes the first street lit by gaslight.

1813: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice” is published.

1819: Sir Stamford Raffles lands in Singapore.

1846: The British defeat Sikhs at the Battle of Allwal in the Punjab.

1871: Paris surrenders to Prussia.

1887: Work begins on the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

1912: Birth of artist Jackson Pollock in Wyoming.

1915: President Woodrow Wilson refuses to prohibit the immigration of illiterates into the US.

1916: The German colony of Cameroon surrenders to Britain and France.

1918: Rebels seized control of Helsinki during the Finnish Civil War.

1932: Japanese forces attack Shanghai.

1933: The name “Pakistan” is coined by Choudhry Rahmat Ali and gradually accepted by Muslims in the Indian sub-continent who use it to push for a separate Muslim homeland in South Asia.

1935: Iceland becomes the first western country to legalise abortion.

1939:Poet W B Yeates dies aged 73.

1942: Soviet troops move into Ukraine. On the same day, German troops occupy Benghazi Libya.

1944: 683 British bombers attack Berlin.


1953: Derek Bentley, a 19-year old man with a mental age of 11, is executed at Wandsworth Prison for his part in the fatal shooting of PC Sidney Miles during a bungled burglary in Croydon. The shot was fired by accomplice Christopher Craig, but as he was a juvenile he avoided the death sentence. Bentley was posthumously pardoned 45 years later.

1958: The Lego company patents its design of Lego bricks.

1960: The last Goon Show is broadcast on radio.

1961: The Republic of Rwanda is proclaimed.

1968: A recovery team searches for wreckage from an American Air Force B-52 bomber that crashed in Greenland carrying four hydrogen bombs.

1973: The Godfather wins best drama at the Golden Globes with Marlon Brando as best actor.

1982: Italian police rescue US Brigadier General James Dozier who had been held hostage by the Red Brigade for six weeks.

1983: Singer-songwriter Billy Fury (Ronald Wycherley) dies of heart failure aged 42.

1985: The recording takes place of We Are The World by USA For Africa at A&M Studios in Hollywood.

1986: The space shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after take-off killing all seven astronauts on board.

1990: The San Francisco 49ers beat Denver Broncos, 55-10 to win the Super Bowl.

1991: Dictator Siad Barre flees Somalia ending 22 year rule.

1996: Death of Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman, aged 81. On the same day, Dallas Cowboys beat Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-17 to win the Super Bowl.

Singles chart:

  1. Spaceman – Babylon Zoo
  2. Slight Return – The Bluetones
  3. Anything – 3T
  4. Jesus To A Child – George Michael
  5. Street Spirit (Fade Out) – Radiohead
  6. Whole Lotta Love – Goldbug
  7. Not A Dry Eye In The House – Meat Loaf
  8. One By One – Cher
  9. No Fronts – Dog Eat Dog
  10. Earth Song – Michael Jackson
1996: Tori Amos – Boys For Pele

Album chart:

  1. (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? – Oasis
  2. Boy For Pele – Tori Amos
  3. Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette
  4. Different Class – Pulp
  5. Robson & Jerome – Robson & Jerome
  6. History Past, Present And Future Book 1 – Michael Jackson
  7. Something To Remember – Madonna
  8. First Love – Michael Ball
  9. All Change – Cast
  10. Said And Done – Boyzone

2001: The Baltimore Ravens beat the New York Giants, 34-7 to win the Super Bowl.

2005: Drummer and singer-songwriter Jim Capaldi of Traffic dies of stomach cancer aged 60.

2009: Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboard player Billy Powell dies aged 56.

2010: Five Bangladeshi military officers are hanged for the murder of president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

2015: Funk legend Sly Stone is awarded $5m (£3.3m) in missed royalties by a Los Angeles court. He had been living in a camper van.

2016: Guitarist/singer-songwriter, Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane dies in San Francisco at the age of 74 due to multiple organ failure and septic shock after suffering a heart attack days earlier.

2018: Bruno Mars wins the Grammy for best song That’s What I Like and best album 24K Magic.

2020: Broadcaster Nicholas Parsons dies aged 96.

2023: Musician Tom Verlaine (Television) dies aged 73.

Ariel Winter

BIRTHDAYS: Alan Alda, actor/director, 88; Robert Wyatt, former drummer, singer-songwriter, 79; Nicolas Sarközy, former president of France, 69; Frank Skinner (Christopher Collins), comedian, 67; Sarah McLachlan, singer-songwriter, 56; Lee Latchford-Evans, singer (Steps) 49; Joey Fatone, singer, (NSYNC) 47; Jamie Carragher, football pundit, 46; Nick Carter, singer, (Backstreet Boys) 44; Elijah Wood, actor, 43; Jessica Ennis Hill, Olympic athlete, 38; Will Poulter, actor, 31; Ariel Winter (Workman), actress, 26.