It happened today – this day in history – June 11

1144: Basilica of St Denis is dedicated near Paris, the first fully Gothic church.

1345: Alexios Apokaukos, chief minister of the Byzantine Empire, is lynched by political prisoners.

1429: Start of the Battle of Jargeau in the Hundred Years War.

1509: Henry VIII married first wife Catherine of Aragon, the widow of his brother Arthur.

1572: Birth of playwright Ben Jonson in London.

1685: James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, rebels against James II.

1690: William III departs to Ireland.

1727: George I dies from a stroke aged 67.

1770: Captain James Cook discovers the Great Barrier Reef off Australia.

1776: Continental Congress creates a committee (Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston) to draft a Declaration of Independence. On the same day, landscape painter John Constable is born on East Bergholt, Suffolk.

1788: Explorer Gerasim Izmailov reaches Alaska.

1837: A riot occurs in Boston, fuelled by ethnic tensions between English-Americans and Irish-Americans.

1864: The Battle of Trevilian Station, the bloodiest and largest all-cavalry battle of the American Civil War, begins in Louisa County, Virginia.

1898: The first US Marines land at Guantanamo, Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

1901: The Cook Islands are annexed and proclaimed part of New Zealand.

1903: Harry Vardon wins his fourth British Open golf title at Prestwick. On the same day, King Alexander I and Queen Draga of Serbia are assassinated by a group of army officers as part of a coup.

1913: Grand Vizir Mahmud Shevket Pasha is assassinated, resulting in continuing Young Turk terrorism.

1917: King Alexander assumes the throne of Greece after his father Constantine I abdicates under pressure by allied armies occupying Athens.

1921: Women are given the vote in Brazil.

1925: Herbert Chapman becomes manager of Arsenal.

1935: Inventor Edwin Armstrong gives the first public demonstration of FM broadcasting in New Jersey.

1938: American Don Budge beats Roderich Menzel of Czechoslovakia 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 for the French men’s singles tennis title. Simonne Mathieu beats Nelly Adamson 6-0, 6-3 for the women’s singles title.

1940: British forces bomb Genoa and Turin in Italy. On the same day, the Italian Air Force bombs Malta.

1942: The German army is defeated at El-Alamein, North Africa.

1949: Czech athlete Emile Zatopek runs world record 10,000m (29:28.2).

1950: 16 months after being severely injured in an auto accident, Ben Hogan wins the US Open at Merion, Pennsylvania.

1951: Mozambique becomes an oversea province of Portugal.

1955: Seventy-seven people are killed and many others injured when a racing car spins off the track and into the crowd during the Le Mans 24-hour face.

1959: The hovercraft, invented by Christopher Cockerell, is officially launched in Southampton.

1960: Drummer Tommy Moore makes the fateful decision to quit The Silver Beetles and return to his job of driving a forklift at Garston bottle works.


1962: Brothers John and Clarence Anglin and fellow inmate Frank Morris escape from Alcatraz prison off San Francisco, the only ones to do so. They were never found and opinion is divided on whether or not they drowned.

1963: Governor George Wallace tries to prevent blacks from registering at the University of Alabama. President Kennedy says segregation is morally wrong and that it is “time to act”. On the same day, Buddhist monk Thích Quảng Đức immolates himself at a Saigon intersection, creating one of the Vietnam War’s most iconic images.

1964: Singles chart:

  1. You’re My World – Cilla Black
  2. It’s Over – Roy Orbison
  3. No Particular Place To Go – Chuck Berry
  4. Someone Someone – Brian Poole and the Tremeloes
  5. Juliet – The Four Pennies
  6. Constantly – Cliff Richard
  7. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Blunt – The Shadows
  8. Here I Go Again – The Hollies
  9. My Guy – Mary Wells
  10. Shout – Lulu and the Luvvers

1967: A J Foyt and Dan Gurney drive a Ford to victory in Le Mans. On the same day, a race riot breaks out in Tampa, Florida.

1967: The Beatles Sgt Pepper

Album chart:

  1. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles
  2. The Sound Of Music – Original Soundtrack
  3. Are You Experienced – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  4. More Of The Monkees – The Monkees
  5. A Drop Of The Hard Stuff – The Dubliners
  6. Green Green Grass Of Home – Tom Jones
  7. Release Me – Engelbert Humperdinck
  8. Fiddler On The Rood – Original London Cast
  9. The Monkees – The Monkees
  10. Best Of The Beach Boys – The Beach Boys

1971: The US and Japan sign an accord to return Okinawa to Japan 26 years after the end f the Second World War.

1972: A gun battle between Loyalist and Republican paramilitaries breaks out in the Oldpark area of Belfast.

1975: The first oil is pumped from the North Sea.

On TV (Wednesday)


09.38For Schools, Colleges

11.20International Cricket
The Prudential Cup. England v New Zealand and Pakistan v West Indies

11.40For Schools, Colleges

12.00International Cricket




14.02For Schools, Colleges

14.40International Cricket

15.58Regional News

16.00Play School

16.25Wacky Races


16.50Z-Shed With Noel Edmonds

17.15Yao, African Prince


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18.55Film: Where’s That Fire? (1940)
Comedy starring Will Hay, long regarded as a lost film and being shown on television for the first time


21.00Nine O’Clock News

21.25The Melting Pot
Written by and starring Spike Milligan with John Bird

Introduced by Harry Carpenter. International Athletics from Crystal Palace, Cricket.

Introduced by Ludovic Kennedy

23.28Weatherman/Regional News


06.40Open University


10.35Nai Zindagi Naya Jeevan

11.00Play School

11.25International Cricket
The Prudential Cup. England v New Zealand and Pakistan v West Indies.


19.05Worlds without Sun
Last in series of ten films about caves and cavers


19.45International Rugby Special
Wellington v Scotland from Athletic Park, Wellington, New Zealand. Commentator Nigel Starmer-Smith.

20.10The Ascent of Man
A personal view by Jacob. Bronowski. 2: The Harvest of the Seasons

21.00Wessex Tales
Barbara of the House of Grebe by Thomas Hardy: with Joanna McCallum.

21.50Inside Story
Michael ‘Mini’ Cooper, 11 years old, is too dangerous to be allowed his freedom. His history of delinquency includes two attempts to burn down his own home, knowing his father to be inside. One of the thousands of children in care of the local authority, Mini waits in a high security wing at the Aycliffe Assessment Centre near Darlington for a decision on what is to happen to him.

22.35Don’t Quote Me
Bryan Magee introduces a series of programmes in which some of the people who write for the press meet some of the people they write about.

23.05News Extra



09.30For Schools


12.15The Adventures of Rupert Bear

12.30Mr and Mrs

13.00First Report

13.20Lunchtime Today

13.30Gold Is Where You Find It

14.00Good Afternoon

14.30The Rhine

15.20The Saint


16.25Baldmoney, Sneezewort, Dodder and Cloudberry

16.50You Must Be Joking!

17.20The Brady Bunch




19.00Don’t Ask Me

19.30Coronation Street

20.00And Mother Makes Five
Sit com starring Wendy Craig

20.30Marcus Welby, M.D

21.30The World of Television

22.00News at Ten

22.30Special Branch

23.30Professional Wrestling

1976: The trial of 13 mercenaries – 10 of them British – begins in Angola with the public in the dark over the exact charges.

1979: Chuck Berry is sentenced to four months in prison after pleading guilty to income tax evasion. On the same day, actor John Wayne dies frpm stomach cancer aged 72.

1982: Larry Holmes TKOs Gerry Cooney in Round 13 for the heavyweight boxing title. On the same day, Pope John Paul II visits Argentina.

1985: Russian space probe Vega 1 lands on Venus.

1987: Margaret Thatcher becomes the first British Prime Minister in 160 years to win a third consecutive term as the Tories win the general election.

1989: Michael Chang wins the French Open, beating Stefan Edberg of Sweden 6-1, 3-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-2; at 17 years, 110 days, making him the youngest winner of a grand slam singles title.

1990: Former US national security adviser John M Poindexter is sentenced to six months in prison for making false statements to Congress.

1998: Novelist Catherine Cookson dies aged 91.

1999: Star Trek actor DeForest Kelley dies of stomach cancer aged 79.

2001: Timothy McVeigh is executed for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing aged 33.

2002: Sir Paul McCartney marries Heather Mills at St Salvator Church, Ireland.

2003: Eighties pop star Adam Ant is arrested after going berserk and stripping off in a London cafe.

2005:Led Zeppelin guitarist/producer Jimmy Page is awarded an OBE in the Queen’s birthday honours list.

2006: Jersey Boys & The History Boys win at the Tony Awards. On the same day, Rafa Nadal wins his second straight French Open singles title, beating Roger Federer 1-6, 6-1, 6-4, 7-6.

2009: The World Health Organization declares H1N1 swine flu to be a global pandemic, the first such incident in over 40 years.

2015: Jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman dies aged 85.

2016: Singer Christina Grimmie, who had competed on the US TV programme The Voice, dies after being shot in Florida while she was signing autographs after a concert.

2017: Rafa Nadal beats Stan Wawrinka of Switzerland 6–2, 6–3, 6–1 to become the first man to win the French Open men’s single title 10 times. On the same day, Japan passes a law allowing Emperor Akihito to abdicate.

2018: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez accepts migrant rescue ship Aquarius with 629 people on board after Italy refuses it.

BIRTHDAYS: Bernard Purdie, drummer, 83; Frank Beard, drummer (ZZ Top) 73; Hugh (James) Laurie, actor/musician, 63; Peter Dinklage, actor, 53; Steven Drozd, musician (The Flaming Lips) 53; Jane Goldman (Ross), screenwriter, 52; Joshua Jackson, actor, 44; Shia LaBoeuf, actor, 36; Dappy (Costadinos Contostavlos) singer/rapper (N-Dubz) 35; Kai Havertz, footballer, 23.