It happened today – this day in history – March 2

986: Louis V becomes King of the Franks.

1316: Birth of King Robert II of Scotland, first monarch of the House of Stewart.

1498: Vasco da Gama’s fleet visits Mozambique

1629: Charles I dissolves parliament, imprisoning nine members.

1776: Americans begin shelling British troops in Boston.

1796: Napoleon Bonaparte is appointed Commander-in-Chief of the French Army in Italy.

1807: Congress bans the slave trade within the US, effective January 1, 1808. On the same day, William Cavendish-Bentinck, Duke of Portland becomes Prime Minister for the second time after the fall of William Grenville’s Whig government.

1836: The Republic of Texas declares independence from Mexico.

1855: Aleksandr Romanov becomes tsar of Russia.

1867: Jesse James’ gang robs a bank in Savannah Missouri.

1877: The US Electoral Commission declares republican Rutherford B Hayes winner of the presidential election with an electoral vote of 185-184 against democrat Samuel J. Tilden.

1882: Queen Victoria narrowly escapes an assassination attempt when Roderick Maclean shoots at her as she boards a train in Windsor.

1896: The best 9-wicket haul in cricket history; George Lohmann takes 9-28 as England beat South Africa by an innings and 197 runs in the Second Test at Johannesburg.

1900: Birth of composer Kurt Weill in Germany.

1930: Death of author D H Lawrence from tuberculosis aged 44.

1933: King Kong, starring Fay Wray premieres in New York.

1938: Landslides & floods cause over 200 deaths in Los Angeles.

1939: Death of archaeologist Howard Carter.

1944: Casablanca wins Best Picture at the Oscars and Michael Curtiz wins the best director award. On the same day, more than 500 passengers are killed by fumes when a train stalls in a tunnel in Italy.

1946: Ho Chi Minh is elected President of North Vietnam.

1955: Bo Diddley’s first recording session at Universal Recording Studio in Chicago.

1956: King Hussein of Jordan sacks the British commander of the Arab Legion in an effort to strengthen his own position within the Arab world.

1959: Construction begins on Sydney Opera House.

1960: Elvis Presley steps on British soil for what for many years was believed to be the only time when the plane carrying him back to the US from his national service in Germany stops for refuelling at Prestwick Airport, Scotland.

1962: The army seizes power in a military coup in Burma. On the same day, President Kennedy announces the US will resume above ground nuclear testing.

1964: The Beatles begin filming their first feature film A Hard Day’s Night at Marylebone train station. George Harrison meets Patti Boyd, who appears as a schoolgirl in the card playing scene on the train featuring the song I Should Have Known Better.

1965: The film Sound of Music is released starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.


1966: On TV (Wednesday)


11.30For Schools


16.45Small Time

17.00Zoo Time

17.25The Adventures of Long John Silver

17.55News and Weather

18.07Reporting ’66


19.00University Challenge

19.30Coronation Street

20.00The Fugitive
Starring David Jansen as Dr Richard Kimble


21.10Hope and Keen


22.40Professional Wrestling


23.27My Three Sons

23.57Dateline. Weather


09.10For Schools and Colleges

12.25Apna Hi Ghar Samajhiye



13.30Watch with Mother
Andy Pandy

14.05For Schools and Colleges


17.00Champion, The Wonder Horse


17.50The Magic Roundabout

17.55The News

18.05Town and Around

18.30A Whole Scene Going On tour
with singer Gene Pitney

19.00United! Football based soap

19.30The Best of Hancock
The Blood Donor starring Tony Hancock

19.55Points of View

20.00Softly, Softly


21.00The Wednesday Play
Macready’s Gala

22.10Twenty-four Hours

22.40Association Football
European Cup Winners’ Cup Quarter Final: West Ham United v Magdeburg. Commentator, Kenneth Wolstenholme




11.00Play School



20.00Call My Bluff

20.30Man Alive

21.00Film: Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)

22.30Jazz 625
Presenting The Modern Jazz Quartet

23.00News and Weeather

23.20Late Night Line-Up

1967: The Grammy for Best Song is awarded to The Beatles for Michelle, a song Paul McCartney had written as a teenager.

1969: Concorde makes its maiden flight in France.

1970: Prime Minister of Rhodesia Ian Smith declares his country a republic, unilaterally cutting its last ties with Britain.

1972: NASA launches its Pioneer 10 space probe to Jupiter.

1974: A Grand Jury concludes that US President Richard Nixon is involved in the Watergate cover up. On the same day, Stevie Wonder wins the Best Album Grammy for Innervisions.

1977: Bette Davis becomes the first woman to receive the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award.

1982: Terror group “The Illuminated Path” frees 260 prisoners in Peru.

1983: Introduction of the compact disc developed by Philips and Sony.

1991: Tamil Tigers are blamed for the assassination of Sri Lanka’s Deputy Defence Minister, Ranjan Wijeratne. On the same day, French composer Serge Gainsbourg dies of a heart attack.

1995: Rogue trader Nick Leeson is arrested following the collapse of Barings Bank.

1997: Singles chart:

  1. Don’t Speak – No Doubt
  2. Hush – Kula Shaker
  3. Don’t You Love M – Eternal
  4. Encore Une Fois – Sash!
  5. Alone – The Bee Gees
  6. Natural – Peter Andre
  7. Where Do You Go – No Mercy
  8. You Got The Love – Source ft Candi Staton
  9. Show Me Love – Robin S
  10. Remember Me – Blueboy
1997: James – Whiplash

Album chart:

  1. Spice – The Spice Girls
  2. Everything Must Go – Manic Street Preachers
  3. Ocean Drive – The Lighthouse Family
  4. Attack Of The Green Lantern – Mansun
  5. Beautiful Freak – Eels
  6. The Smurfs Hits ’97 Vol 1 – The Smurfs
  7. Tragic Kingdom – No Doubt
  8. Older – George Michael
  9. Whiplash – James
  10. K – Kula Shaker

1998: Data sent from the Galileo probe indicates that Jupiter’s moon Europa has a liquid ocean under a thick crust of ice.

1999: Singer Dusty Springfield (Mary O’Brien) dies after a long battle with cancer, aged 59.

2002: US conventional forces are deployed in Afghanistan as part of Operation Anaconda.

2003: Singer-songwriter Hank Ballard dies from throat cancer.

2004: Al Qaeda carries out the Ashoura Massacre in Iraq, killing 170 and wounding over 500.

2007: Singer Kelis is arrested in Miami Beach, Florida, after screaming racial obscenities at two female police officers who were working undercover as prostitutes.

2008: Guitarist/singer, Jeff Healey, dies from cancer.

2012: The Red Cross is denied access to provide relief to the Baba Amr district in Homs by the Syrian army. On the same day, Baron St John of Fawsle, former MP Norman St John Stevas, dies aged 87.

2014: Vladimir Putin receives unanimous approval from Russia’s parliament to send troops to the Ukraine.

2017: US Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuses himself from the investigation into Trump campaign contacts with Russia after revelations he met the Russian ambassador.

2020: Russian president Vladimir Putin proposes a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

2021: Reggae legend Bunny Wailer (Neville O’Riley Livingston) dies aged 73 from complications following a stroke. On the same day, jazz trombonist Chris Barber dies aged 90.

2023: The head of MI5 apologizes for not acting on intelligence to stop the 2017 suicide bombing at Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande concert. On the same day, jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter dies aged 89.

Daniel Craig

BIRTHDAYS: Harry Redknapp, football manager, 77; Larry Carlton, guitarist, 76; Gates McFadden, actress, 75; Jay Osmond, drummer/singer (The Osmonds) 69; Jon Bon Jovi (Bonjiovi), singer-songwriter, 62; Daniel Craig, actor, 56; Alexander Armstrong, TV presenter/comedian, 54; Mauricio Pochettino, football manager, 52; Chris Martin, singer-songwriter/musician (Coldplay), 47; Rebel Wilson, actress, 44; Bryce Dallas Howard, actress, 43; Katrina Weidman, paranormal investigator/TV personality; Elizabeth Jagger, model, 40; Luke Pritchard, singer/guitarist (The Kooks) 39; James Arthur, singer-songwriter, 36; Nathalie Emmanuel, actress, 35; Toby Alderweireld, footballer, 35; .