It happened today – this day in history – March 9

1454: Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci is born in Florence.

1497: Nicholaus Copernicus’ first recorded astronomical observation.

1522: Martin Luther begins preaching his “Invocavit Sermons” in the German city of Wittenberg.

1562: Kissing in public is banned in Naples – punishable by death.

1566: David Rizzio, the private secretary to Mary I of Scotland, is murdered in the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh.

1721: Chancellor of the Exchequer John Aislabie is confined in the Tower of London.

1741:The British fleet begins an assault on Cartagena.

1796: Napoleon Bonaparte marries Josephine de Beauharnais.

1842: Guiseppe Verdi’s opera “Nabucco” premieres in Milan.

1844: Guiseppe Verdi’s opera “Hernani” premieres in Venice.

1864: Ulysses S Grant is appointed commander of Union Army.

1892: Birth of novelist and poet Vita Sackville-West in Kent.

1908: Inter Milan founded as Foot-Ball Club Internazionale.

1916: Mexican General Francisco “Pancho” Villa invades US. On the same day, Germany declares war on Portugal.

1918: The Russian Bolshevik Party becomes the Communist Party.

1930: Birth of jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman.

1932: Eamon De Valera becomes President of Ireland.

1935: Adolf Hitler announces the creation of a new air force, the Luftwaffe.

1945: 334 US B-29 Superfortresses attack Tokyo with 120,000 fire bombs.

1951: Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam submit a classified paper at the Los Alamos lab, in which they proposed their revolutionary new design, staged implosion, for a practical megaton-range hydrogen bomb.

1953: Stalin’s funeral is held in Moscow.

1956: Britain orders order the deportation of Greek Cypriot leader, Archbishop Makarios, in the hope of restoring law and order to the island.

1959: The Barbie doll makes its debut at the American Toy Fair in New York.

1961: Soviet Sputnik 9 carries and returns from orbit a dog named Chernushka, frogs and a guinea pig.

1962: Egyptian President Nasser declares Gaza belongs to Palestinians.

1963: The Beatles begin their first British tour, supporting Tommy Roe and Chris Montez.


1966: Brian Wilson and the Wrecking Crew of session musicians begin recording the next Beach Boys single, God Only Knows.

1970: Newly christened Black Sabbath make their concert debut at The Roundhouse, London.

1971: Three off-duty Scottish soldiers are killed by the Provisional IRA. 4000 shipyard workers take to the streets to demand internment in response.

1973: The people of Northern Ireland vote overwhelmingly to remain within the United Kingdom.

1974: A Japanese soldier, a guerrilla operating in The Philippines, surrenders, unaware that the Second Word War had been over for 29 years.

1976: A line supporting a cable car snaps killing 42 people in the Dolomite mountains in northern Italy.

On TV (Tuesday)


09.30For Schools

12.00Stuff and Nonsense


12.30Treasure in Store

13.00First Report

13.20Lunchtime Today

13.30Emmerdale Farm

14.00Good Afternoon


15.00Village Hall

15.55General Hospital

16.25The Arrows


17.20Nanny and the Professor

17.50ITN News



19.10McMillan and Wife The Deadly Cure starring Rock Hudon and Susan St James

21.00Rock Follies Drama seris about thr girl singers starring Julie Covington, Rula Lenska and Charlotte Cornwell.

22.00ITN News at Ten

22.30The Bradford Godfather

23.30Kitchen Garden


07.05(UHF only) Open University


09.38For Schools, Colleges


12.45Midday News and Weather

13.00Pebble Mill


14.00You and Me

14.15For Schools, Colleges


15.25Ar’Ben Ei Hun

15.58Regional News (exe London)

16.00Play School

16.25Crystal Tipps and Alistair


16.45Goober and the Ghost Chasers

17.05John Craven’s Newsround

17.15Vision On

17.40Captain Pugwash

17.45Evening News and Weather


18.40Nationwide on the Road

19.10Bugs Bunny


20.05The Runners Brendan Foster, Ian Stewart, Ian Thompson and David Bedford: four British athletes who regard anything less than a gold medal in the Montreal Olympics as failure

21.00Nine O’Clock News and Weather

21.25Play for Today Willie Rough by Bill Bryden.


23.15Play Sport

23.40Weather/Regional News


06.40Open University


11.00Play School

11.25Open University


14.30Peter Donaldson’s Illustrated Economics


15.00All in the Mind


15.30Film as Evidence


17.25Open University




19.45The Book Programme

20.10International Pro-Celebrity Golf
Great Britain v USA. Ninth match of this four-ball series from the Gleneagles Hotel. Peter Oosterhuis and CharlieDrake v Tom Weiskopf and Dennis Morgan

21.00One Man and his Dog

21.25The Man Alive Report

22.15The Old Grey Whistle Test
Bob Harris intoduces Stackridge and Focus in the studio.


1980: Singles chart:

  1. Together We Are Beautiful – Fern Kinney
  2. Atomic – Blondie
  3. Take That Look Off Your Face – Marti Webb
  4. Games Without Frontiers – Peter Gabriel
  5. All Night Long – Rainbow
  6. So Lonely – The Police
  7. Do That To Me One More Time – The Captain and Tenille
  8. Turning Japanese – The Vapours
  9. Hands Off, She’s Mine – The Beat
  10. And The Beat Gos On – The Whispers
1980: The Police – Reggatta de Blanc

Album chart:

  1. String Of Hits – The Shadows
  2. Get Happy – Elvis Costello and the Attractions
  3. Greatest Hits – Rose Royce
  4. Tell Me On A Sunday – Marti Webb
  5. Tears And Laughter – Johnny Mathis
  6. Regatta De Blanc – The Police
  7. The Last Dance – Various Artists
  8. Off The Wall – Michael Jackson
  9. Nobody’s Heroes – Stiff Little Fingers
  10. Pretenders – The Pretenders

1981: John Lambe, who became known as the M5 rapist, is sentenced to life in prison.

1983: Zimbabwe opposition leader Joshua Nkomo flees to Botswana.

1986: NASA announces searchers have found the remains of the shuttle Challenger astronauts.

1988: Actress Audrey Hepburn is appointed a UNICEF special ambassador.

1992: Death of former Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin aged 85.

1994: The IRA launches a mortar attack on Heathrow Airport. On the same day, author Charles Bukowski dies of leukaemia aged 73.

1997: Rapper Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace) is gunned down as he leaves a party at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

1998: Dr Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment signs an unknown rapper called Eminem.

2006: Water is discovered on Enceladus, the sixth largest moon of Saturn.

2007: Brad Delp, lead singer of the band Boston, commits suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning at his home in New Hampshire.

2010: Rapper Lil Wayne is sentenced to a year in prison at New York City’s Rikers Island prison after pleading guilty to gun possession.

2011: Space Shuttle Discovery makes its final landing after 39 flights.

2015: President Barack Obama signs an executive order declaring Venezuela a national security threat to the US.

2020: Italy announces it is locking down the whole country due to a spike in COVID-19 cases.

2021: Piers Morgan leaves ITV’s Good Morning show after storming off set during an on-air argument with weatherman Alex Beresford over the Duchess of Sussex’s comments about her mental health. Morgan’s insistence that he didn’t believe a word of Meghan Markle’s claims, results in 41,000 complaints.

2022: Russian air strikes on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol hit a hospital, kill at least three people, as attempts to create a humanitarian corridor out of the city fail. On the same day, Stolen notebooks belonging to Charles Darwin are mysteriously returned to Cambridge after 22 years.

Oscar Isaac (PhilipRomanoPhoto)

BIRTHDAYS: John Cale, singer-songwriter/producer, 82; Robin Trower, guitarist, 79 Martin Fry, singer (ABC) 66; Linda (Clorinda) Fiorentino, actress, 64; Juliette Binoche, actress, 60; Katherine Parkinson, actress, 46; Oscar Isaac, actor, 45; Matthew Gray Gubler, actor, 44; Clint Dempsey, footballer, 41; Brittany Snow, actress, 38; Stacey Dooley, documentary maker, 37; Pedro Neto, footballer, 24.