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1290: Death of Eleanor of Castile, wife of Edward I.

1520: Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan begins crossing the Pacific.

1628: Birth of author John Bunyan.

1720: Mary Read and Anne Bonney are found guilty of pirating, and sentenced to death in Spanish Town, Jamaica, although their pregnancies won them stays of execution.

1813: Cossacks occupy Utrecht.

1821: Panama declares independence from Spain.

1859: Death of author Washington Irving aged 76.

1893: Women vote in a national election for the first time, in the New Zealand general election.

1895: America’s first auto race organised by the “Chicago Times-Herald” – Chicago to Evanston and back. Six cars, and winner Frank Duryea averaged 7mph.

1901: Gustav Mahler’s 4th Symphony in G premieres.

1905: Arthur Griffith forms Sinn Fein in Dublin.

1916: The first German air attack on London.

1918: Kaiser Whilhelm II of Prussia and Germany abdicates.

1919: Lady Nancy Astor is elected as the first female member of Parliament.

1943: Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin meet at the Tehran Conference in Iran to map out strategy.

1964: Mariner 4, the first probe to fly by Mars is launched.

1966: The Burundi monarchy is overthrown in a coup and a republic is declared.

1968: Death of children’s author Enid Blyton.

1975: Democratic Republic of East-Timor is proclaimed.

1988: Picasso’s “Acrobat & Harlequin” sells for $38.46 million.

1990: The Conservative Party chooses John Major to replace Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister.

1994: Norway votes against joining the EU. On the same day, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is clubbed to death by an inmate in the Columbia Correctional Institution gymnasium.

2005: FC Barcelona’s Brazilian midfielder Ronaldinho wins the Ballon d’Or ahead of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerard.

2010: Death of actor Leslie Nielsen aged 84

2016: A plane carrying the Brazilian Chapecoense fooball team crashes near Medellin, Colombia killing 71 players and journalists.

BIRTHDAYS: Berry Gordy, Motown founder, 90; Randy Newman, songwriter, 76; Hugh McKenna, musician (Sensational Alex Harvey Band) 70; Ed Harris, actor, 69; Kriss Akabusi, former athlete, 61; Martin Clunes, actor, 58; Jon Stewart, comedian/writer/TV host 57; Armando Iannucci, producer/comedy writer, 56; Mary Elizabeth Winstead, actress, 35; Karen Gillan, actress, 32.


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