It happened today – this day in history – November 30

1016: Canute claims the English throne after the death of Edmund ‘Ironside’.

1648: The Parliamentary army captures Charles I.

1667: Birth of satirist Jonathan Swift in Dublin.

1678: Roman Catholics are banned from Parliament.

1731: A massive earthquake in Beijing kills 100,000 people.

1776: Captain James Cook begins his third and final voyage to the Pacific.

1782: Britain signs agreement recognizing US independence.

1835: Birth of author Mark Twain (Samuel Clemons).

1838: Mexico declares war on France.

1872: The first international soccer game, Scotland draws 0-0 with England in Glasgow.

1874: Birth of Winston Churchill in Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.

1886: The Folies Bergère in Paris stages its first revue.

1900: Oscar Wilde dies of meningitis in Paris aged 46.

1936: Crystal Palace is destroyed by fire.

1939: The USSR invades Finland and bombs Helsinki.

1950: US President Harry Truman threatens China with atom bomb.

1956: At 21 years, 10 months, 3 weeks, 5 days Floyd Paterson becomes the youngest world heavyweight boxing champion after knocking out Archie Moore in round 5 in Chicago.

1961: The USSR vetoes Kuwait’s application for UN membership.

1962: U Thant of Burma becomes the third Secretary-General of the United Nations.

1966: Barbados gains independence from Britain.

1967: The People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen declares independence from the UK.

1975: Dahomey is renamed the People’s Republic of Benin.

1977: Death of playwright Terence Rattigan aged 66.

1979: Death of actress Joyce Grenfell aged 69.

1987: Death of author and playwright James Baldwin aged 63.

1994: Cruise ship Achille Lauro is destroyed by fire off Somalia.

1995: Official end of Operation Desert Storm.

1996: American singer and ukulele player Tiny Tim (Herbert Khaury) died from a heart attack on stage while playing his hit ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips’ at a club in Minneapolis.

2007: Death of motorcycle daredevil Evil (Robert) Knievel of pulmonary disease aged 69..

2013: Fast & The Furious star Paul Walker dies when the car he is travelling in crashes and bursts into flames.

2018 George Bush, 41st president of the US, dies aged 94.

BIRTHDAYS: Sir Ridley Scott, director, 82; Frank Ifield, singer, 82; Roger Glover, bassist (Deep Purple) 74; Mandy Patinkin, actor, 67; Andy Gray, former footballer/pundit, 64; Billy Idol (William Broad) singer, 64; Richard Barbieri, keyboards (Japan/Porcupine Tree) 62; Lorraine Kelly, TV host, 60; Gary Lineker, former footballer/TV presenter, 59; Ben Stiller, actor/director, 54; Gael Garcia Bernal, actor, 41; Kaley Cuoco, actress, 34, Chrissy Tiegen, model/TV host, 34; Dougie Poynter, bassist (McFly) 32.


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