It happened today – this day in history – November 4

1529: Cardinal Thomas Wolsey is arrested and charged with treason.

1783: Mozart’s Symphony No. 36 premieres in Linz, Austria.

1839: The Newport Rising is the last large-scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain.

1846: Benjamin Palmer patents the artificial leg.

1847: Death of composer Felix Mendelsohn (Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy) aged 38.

1856: James Buchanan is elected President of the US.

1862: Dr Richard Gatling patents Gatling machine gun.

1876: Brahms’ 1st Symphony in C premieres in Karlsruhe, Grand Duchy of Baden.

1884: Grover Cleveland is elected President of the US for the first time.

1890: Britain proclaims Zanzibar as a protectorate. On the same day, Borodin’s opera “Prince Igor” premieres in Petersburg.

1903: Insurrectionists declare an independent Republic of Panama.

1918: Death of poet Wilfred Owens, aged 25.

1921: The Sturmabteilung or SA (“Brown Shirts”) is formally established by Adolph Hitler. On the same day, Japanese Prime Minister Hara Takashi is assassinated in Tokyo.

1922: Howard Carter discovers the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt.

1924: Calvin Coolidge is elected President of the US. On the same day, Stanley Baldwin becomes Britain’s Prime Minister for a second time after a landslide victory over Ramsay MacDonald’s Labour Party.

1948: T S Eliot wins the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1952: Dwight D Eisenhower is elected President of the US.

1963: The Beatles topped the bill at The Royal Variety Show at The Prince Of Wales Theatre, London. With the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret in the audience, this was the night when John Lennon ade his famous remark. “In the cheaper seats you clap your hands. The rest of you, just rattle your jewellery”.

1977: The UN Security council proclaims a weapons embargo against South Africa.

1979: 500 Iranian students loyal to Ayatollah Khomeini seize the American Embassy in Baghdad, taking 90 hostages for 444 days.

1980: Ronald Reagan is elected President of the US.

1984: Nicaragua holds its first free elections in 56 years; Sandinistas win.

1991: Imelda Marcos returns from exile to The Phillipines. The next day she is arrested for tax fraud and corruption.

1994: Fred “Sonic” Smith, guitarist with the MC5 and husband of Patti Smith dies aged 46.

1995: Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated by a Jewish extremist.

2008: Barack Obama is elected President of the US. On the same day, author Michael Crichton dies aged 66.

2017: Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigns in a shock TV broadcast from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, amid concerns he is being forcibly detained.

BIRTHDAYS: Loretta Swit, actress, 82; Chuck Mangione, jazz musician, 79; Chris Difford, songwriter/musician (Squeeze) 65; Kathy Griffin, comedienne, 59; P Diddy (Sean Combs) rapper/businessman, 50; Matthew McConaughey, actor, 50; Gregory Porter, singer, 48; Louis Figo, former footballer, 47; Louise Redknap, singer, 45; Cedric Bixler-Zavala, musician (The Mars Volta/At The Drive In) 45.


Mick Ferris

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