It happened today – this day in history – November 8

392: Roman Emperor Theodosius declares Christianity the state religion.

1431: Birth of Vlad The Impaler of Wallachia in Transylvania.

1674: Death of poet John Milton.

1847: Birth of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.

1864: Abraham Lincoln is re-elected as President of the US.

1887: Death of gunfighter John Henry “Doc” Holliday from tuberculosi at age 36.

1892: Grover Cleveland is elected President of the US.

1895: German Physicist Wilhelm Rőntgen produces X-rays.

1904: Theodore Roosevelt is elected President of the US.

1915: An Austrian-Hungarian submarine torpedos and sinks the Italian liner ‘Ancona’ without warning. Over 200 lives are lost.

1923: Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party stage the “Beer Hall Putsch” in Munich.

1924: Austrian chancellor Ignaz Seipel, resigns after an assassination attempt.

1932: Franklin D Roosevelt is elected President of the US for the first time.

1933: The King of Afghanistan, Abdul Nadir Shah, is assassinated during a graduation ceremony at a high school in Kabul.

1939: Adolph Hitler survives an assassination attempt in Burgerbraukeller, Munich.

1940: The RAF bombs Munich.

1952: The first ever UK pop chart was published by the New Musical Express after staff asked 53 record shops to divulge their sales returns. ‘Here In My Heart’ by Al Martino was the first No.1.

1960: John F Kennedy is elected President of the US.

1965: The Beatles recorded the basic instrumental track for the George Harrison song ‘Think For Yourself’ at Abbey Road in one take.

1966: Actor Ronald Reagan becomes governor of California.

1968: Cynthia Lennon is granted a divorce from John Lennon.

1974: Lord Lucan disappears and is never seen again after his children’s nanny is murdered in London.

1978: Death of artist Norman Rockwell aged 84.

1987: 11 people are killed in a massive IRA bomb attack in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

1988: George H. W. Bush is elected President of the US.

1990: Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein fires his army chief and threatens to destroy Arabian peninsula.

1992: Williams driver Nigel Mansell wins the Formula 1 World Drivers Championship.

2016: Donald Trump is elected President of the US.

2017: UK Minister Priti Patel resigns after secret meetings are revealed with Israeli officials.

BIRTHDAYS: Martin Peters, former footballer, 76; Bonnie Bramlett, singer, 75; The Big Figure (John Martin) drummer (Dr Feelgood, 73; Roy Wood, songwriter/musician (The Move/Wizzard) 73; Bonnie Raitt, singer/musician, 70; Rickie Lee Jones, singer/songwriter, 65; Richard Curtis, screenwriter/director, 63; Gordon Ramsay, chef, 53; Parker Posey, actress, 51; Gretchen Mol, actress, 47; Tara Reid, actress, 44; Joe Cole, former footballer, 38; Jack Osbourne, TV presenter, 34; Lady Louise Windsor, 16.


Mick Ferris

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