It happened today – this day in history – October 17

1346: King David II of Scotland is captured by Edward III at Calais and imprisoned in the Tower of London for 11 years.

1483: Tomas de Torquemada is appointed inquisitor-general of the Spanish Inquisition.

1651: The future Charles II flees England.

1660: The men who signed the death warrant of Charles I are hung, drawn and quartered.

1662: Charles II sells Dunkirk to France for £320,000.

1740: Ivan VI becomes Tsar of Russia.

1777: British General John Burgoyne surrenders at Saratoga during the American Revolutionary War.

1800: The Dutch colony of Curacao is transferred to Britain.

1806: Former leader of the Haitian Revolution, Emperor Jacques I, is assassinated.

1825: The first opera by Franz Listz, “Don Sanche” premieres in Paris.

1831: Premiere of Felix Mendelssohn’s first Piano concerto in G.

1849: Death of composer Frederic Chopin aged 39.

1854: French and British forces bombard Sevastopol for the first time during the Crimean War.

1855: The Bessemer steel making process is patented.

1860: Willie Park Sr wins the first British Open golf tournament at Prestwick.

1871: Britain annexes Griqualand, South Africa. On the same day, US President Ulysses S Grant suspends habeas corpus in parts of South Carolina during prosecutions against the Ku Klux Klan.

1888: Thomas Edison files a patent for the Optical Phonograph (the first moving pictures).

1894: Ohio national guardsmen kill three assailants trying to lynch a black man.

1907: Gugliemo Marconi’s company begins the first commercial transatlantic wireless service between Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, and Clifden, Ireland.

1912: Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia declare war on Turkey.

1917: The first British bombing of Germany.

1918: Yugoslavia proclaims itself a republic.

1922: Scottish workers begin a hunger march from Glasgow to London.

1933: Albert Einstein arrives in the US as a refugee from Nazi Germany.

1941: The USS Kearney becomes the first US destroyer torpedoed in World War II, while the country is still officially neutral.

1945: Actress Ava Gardner marries bandleader Artie Shaw in Hollywood.

1951: The Egyptian army fires on British troops.

1953: On TV tonight (Saturday):


14.25: Her Majesty The Queen unveils The Runnymede Memorial.

15.30: National Brass Band Championships: A visit to the Empress Hall, London, to see the closing stages of the Daily Herald National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain.

16.00: The Bologna Trophy: Harry Walker and James Pestridge talk to some of the officials and swimmers taking part in tonight’s international speed swimming contest at the Woodcock Street Gala Baths, Birmingham.

17.00: Children’s Television: Whirligig

19.00: The Week’s Newsreels: This week’s television newsreels repeated

20.00: National Brass Band Festival Concert: A further visit to the Empress Hall, London, for part of a concert organised by the Daily Herald and given by eight area championship bands and the champion band of Great Britain. Introduced by Frank Phillips. Guest conductor: Sir Malcolm Sargent

20.30: The Bologna Trophy: International speed swimming contest between England, Scotland, and Wales.
From Woodcock Street Gala Baths, Birmingham.

21.00: A Place of Execution: 4: House of Hate: Serial by Alfred Shaughnessy starring Derek Bond and Ann Hanslip
The leader of a terrorist group in a British colony is sentenced to hang, and the Governor of the colony rejects an appeal to save the terrorist’s life. In retaliation, the terrorists kidnap the Governor’s daughter in London, and announce that if their leader hangs, the Governor’s daughter will hang at the same time.

21.30: Face the Music: Henry Hall invites you to Face the Music with melodies and songs, old and new, famous artists and interesting personalities including: Reg Dixon, Joyce Grenfell, Line Renaud, Sally Barnes, Benny Lee, Don Saunders, Peter Glover, Sheila Mathews, The Keynotes, Bobby Beaumont, David Miller and the Happy Hoe-Downers and an interview with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

22.40: Weather Forecast and News

1957: The Queen and Prince Philip visit The White House. On the same day, French author Albert Camus is awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

1960: The US and Britain sign an accord for nuclear submarine bases.

1961: French police kill more than 200 Algerian protestors during a riot in Paris. On the same day, the New York Museum of Modern Art hangs Le Bateau by Henri Matisse upside down. It stays that way until someone realises the error on December 3.

1962: In between their lunchtime and night shows at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, The Beatles travel to Granada TV Centre in Manchester to make their television debut on the local magazine program People and Places.

1963: The Beatles record I Want to Hold Your Hand at EMI Studios in Abbey Road, London.

1964: Irina Press of the Soviet Union wins the gold medal in the women’s pentathlon at the Tokyo Olympics.

1967: The musical “Hair” premieres on Broadway.

1971: Approximately 16,000 households withhold rent and rates for council houses as part of a campaign of civil disobedience against internment organised by the Social Democratic and Labour Party in Northern Ireland.

1973: OPEC oil ministers use oil as an economic weapon in the Arab-Israeli War, mandating a cut in exports and recommending an embargo against unfriendly states.

1975: The UN passes a resolution saying “Zionism is a form of racism”.

1977: West German commandos storm a hijacked Lufthansa in Mogadishu, Somalia freeing all 86 hostages and killing three of four hijackers.

1978: Public pressure leads ministers to reduce the number of grey seals to be culled in Scotland by 2,300 to 2,000.

1979: Mother Teresa of Calcutta is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

1980: The Queen makes the first state visit to the Vatican by a British monarch.

1981: Nelson Piquet driving for Brabham finishes fifth in the season ending Caesars Palace Grand Prix in Las Vegas to clinch his first Formula 1 World Drivers Championship.

1987: US First Lady Nancy Reagan undergoes a modified radical mastectomy.

1989: A powerful earthquake rocks San Francisco killing nine people and injuring hundreds.

1991: Singer Tennessee Ernie Ford died of liver failure aged 72.

1995: Sting’s former accountant Keith Moore was sentenced to six years in jail after being found guilty of embezzling £6 million from the singer’s 108 bank accounts.

1999: Heartbreak Hotel lyricist Thomas Durden dies aged 79.

Singles chart:

  1. Genie In A Bottle – Christina Aguilera
  2. 2 Times – Ann Lee
  3. Don’t Stop – ATB
  4. Blue (Ba Da Dee) – Eiffel 65
  5. After The Love Has Gone – Steps
  6. Going Underground – Buffalo Tom
  7. Never Let You Down – Honeyz
  8. Jesse Hold On – B*witched
  9. I Try – Macy Gray
  10. Man! I Feel Like A Woman – Shania Twain
1999: Macy Gray – On How Life Is

Album chart:

  1. Come On Over – Shania Twain
  2. Millionaires – James
  3. Reload – Tom Jones
  4. The Man Who – Travis
  5. S Club – S Club 7
  6. On How Life Is – Macy Gray
  7. Nightlife – Pet Shop Boys
  8. Performance And Cocktails – Stereophonics
  9. Brand New Day – Sting
  10. Gold: Greatest Hits – ABBA

2000: Four people are killed when a high speed passenger train derails in Hatfield.

2002: Derek Bell instrumentalist in Irish folk group The Chieftains dies of cardiac arrest in Phoenix, Arizona.

2007: The Dalai Lama receives the United States Congressional Gold Medal.

2008: Iran’s attempt to create the world’s largest sandwich (1,500 metres) fails when crowds eat it before it can be measured. On the same day, Four Tops singer Levi Stubbs died at his Detroit home, aged 72.

2012: Tens of thousands protest against austerity measures in Greece. On the same day, actress Sylvia Kristel dies aged 60.

2015: Football manager Howard Kendall dies aged 69.

2018: Canada legalizes the sale of recreational cannabis, the second country after Uruguay.

BIRTHDAYS: Michael Eavis, farmer/Glastonbury Festival founder, 85; Sir Cameron Mackintosh, stage producer, 64; Michael McKean, actor/musician (Spinal Tap/The Left Banke) 73; George Wendt, actor, 72; Dolph Lundgren, actor, 61; Mike Judge, animator, 58; Mark Gatiss, actor/writer, 54; Ziggy Marley, musician, 52; Ernie Els, golfer, 51; Eminem (Marshall Mathers) rapper, 48; Wyclef Jean, rapper (The Fugees) 48; Matthew Macfadyen, actor, 46; Chris Kirkpatrick, singer, (NSYNC) 43; Kimi Raikkonen, racing driver, 41; Felicity Jones, actress, 37; Max irons, actor, 35.


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