It happened today – this day in history – September 1

1482: Tatars plunder Kiev, Ukraine.

1535: French navigator Jacques Cartier reaches Hochelaga (Montreal).

1557: Death of Jacques Cartier aged 65.

1695: The French garrison of castle Namur surrenders to the army of the Grand Alliance under the command of William III of England.

1715: Louis XIV of France dies after a reign of 72 years—the longest of any major European monarch.

1854: Birth of composer Engelbert Humperdinck in Westphalia, Germany.

1858: The first transatlantic cable fails after less than a month.

1866: The last Navaho chief, Manuelito, turns himself in at Fort Wingate. On the same day, champion boxer James J. Corbett is born in San Francisco.

1875: Birth of author Edgar Rice Burroughs in Chicago.

1898: Lord Kitchener’s troops attack Omdurman, Sudan.

1901: Construction begins on the New York Stock Exchange.

1913: George Bernard Shaw’s “Androcles & the Lion” premieres in London.

1914: Lord Kitchener arrives in Paris.

1916: Bulgaria declares war on Romania.

1918: US troops land in Vladivostok, Siberia.

1920: France creates Greater Lebanon.

1923: A magnitude 7.9 earthquake strikes Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan, killing 142,000 people.

1925: Pierre de Coubertin steps down as chairman of International Olympic Committee.

1928: Albania becomes a kingdom, with Zog I as king.

1938: Benito Mussolini cancels the civil rights of Italian Jews.

1939: Germany invades Poland. On the same day, Adolf Hitler orders the extermination of the mentally ill through the “T4 Euthanasia Program,” arguing that wartime “was the best time for the elimination of the incurably ill”. Also, Switzerland proclaims neutrality at the outbreak of the Second World War and Daily Telegraph journalist Claire Hollingworth gets the scoop of the century as the first to report the outbreak of the war.

1943: Chiang Kai-shek again becomes Chairman of the Nationalist Government of China.

1948: Communists form the North China People’s Republic.

1951: Israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion orders the establishment of secret service Mossad.

1954: Release of the Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly.

1960: Britain’s first betting shops will be allowed to open for business from May 1961, the government announces.

1962: 12,000 people die in an earthquake in western Iran. On the same day, the UN announces that the world population has reached 3 billion.

1967: Death of poet Siegfried Sassoon aged 80.

1969: King Idris of Libya is deposed after a group of army officers take power and declare the country a republic. Colonel Muammar Gadaffi becomes the country’s leader.

1970: Failed assassination attempt on King Hussain of Jordan.

1971: The Rolling Stones sue former manager Allen Klein.

1972: American chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer defeats Russian champion Boris Spassky in Reykjavik, Iceland. On the same day, Australian teenage swimmer Shane Gould wins the 200m freestyle in world record 2:03.56 at the Munich Olympics – her third gold and third record of the Games. Also, Valeriy Borzov of the Soviet Union wins the men’s 100m.

1973: George Foreman retains his WBC & WBA heavyweight boxing titles when he KOs Jose “King” Roman of Puerto Rico in round 1 in Tokyo.

1974: A train accident in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, kills 121.

Singles chart:

  1. Love Me For A Reason – The Osmonds
  2. I’m Leaving It All Up To You – Donny & Marie Osmond
  3. When Will I See You Again – The Three Degrees
  4. Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas
  5. Y Viva Espana – Sylvia
  6. You Make Me Feel Brand New – The Stylistics
  7. Annie’s Song – John Denver
  8. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted – Jimmy Ruffin
  9. Mr Soft – Cockney Rebel
  10. Honey Honey – Sweet Dreams
1974: Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells

Album chart:

  1. Band On The Run – Wings
  2. Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield
  3. The Singles 1969-1973
  4. 461 Ocean Boulevard – Eric Clapton
  5. Our Best To You – The Osmonds
  6. Another Time Another Place – Bryan Ferry
  7. The Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd
  8. Back Home Again – John Denver
  9. The Psychomodo – Cockney Rebel
  10. Fulfillingness’ First Finale – Stevie Wonder

1975: All political parties are forbidden in Bangladesh. On the same day, five Protestant civilians are killed and seven wounded in a Provisional IRA gun attack on Tullyvallen Orange Hall near Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh.

1976: Amid soaring temperatures standpipes are connected in Yorkshire as local reservoirs reach their lowest levels in years.

1977: Tracy Austin, at 14 years, 8 months, 20 days, becomes the youngest female to play in the US Open tennis.

1979: Pioneer 11 makes the first fly-by of Saturn.

1983: The USSR is accused of shooting down a South Korean civilian airliner which is missing off Russia’s eastern coast.

1985: A US-French expedition locates the wreckage of HMS Titanic off Newfoundland.

1987: Michael Chang becomes the youngest man aged 15 to win a match at the US Open when he beats Australian Paul McNamee in four sets.

1995: New York reinstates the death penalty.

2001: Death of sports commentator Brian Moore aged 69.

2004: Armed terrorists take hundreds of school children and adults hostage in the Russian town of Beslan. On the same day, “Vera Drake” directed by Mike Leigh and starring Imelda Staunton wins the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

2006: Luxembourg becomes the first country to complete the move to all digital television broadcasting.

2007: Supergrass were forced to put all plans on hold after bassist Mick Quinn broke his back when he sleepwalked out of a first floor window at the villa where he was staying in the South of France.

2012: Lyricist Hal David, who wrote dozens of hits with collaborator Burt Bacharach, died in Los Angeles at the age of 91 as a result of complications from a stroke.

2013: Gareth Bale transfers from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid for an estimated world record fee of £85.3 million. On the same day, boxer and Rocky V actor Tommy Morrison dies from AIDS aged 44.

2015: Pope Francis tells priests to pardon women who have had an abortion, in a letter released by the Vatican.

BIRTHDAYS: Lily Tomlin, actress, 81; Barry Gibb, singer-songwriter, 74; Greg Errico, drummer (Sly and the Family Stone) 74; Dr Phil (McGraw) psychologist/author/TV personality, 70; Bruce Foxton, bass/vocals (The Jam) 65; Gloria Estefan, singer, 63; Cass Lewis, bassist (Skunk Anansie) 60; Ruud Gullit, footballer/manager/pundit, 58; Tony Cascarino, footballer/broadcaster, 58; Craig McLachlan, singer/actor, 55; Babydaddy (Scot Hofman) bassist (Scissor Sisters) 44; Joseph Mark Trohman, guitarist (Fall Out Boy) 36; Zendaya (Coleman), actress, 24.

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