It happened today – this day in history – September 18

1180: Death of Louis VII, King of France.

1544: Henry VIII’s troops occupy Boulogne.

1709: Birth of lexicographer Samuel Johnson in Lichfield.

1739: Turkey and Austria sign a peace treaty in which Austria cedes Belgrade to the Turks.

1759: The French surrender to the British who capture Quebec City.

1793: US President George Washington lays the cornerstone of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

1809: The Royal Opera House in London opens.

1810: Chile declares independence from Spain.

1811: The British East India Company force led by Baron Minto conquers Java and Stamford Raffles is appointed lieutenant governor.

1812: The Great Fire of Moscow burns out after five days. 75% of the city is destroyed and 12,000 killed.

1851: The first edition of the New York Times is published.

1872: King Oscar II accedes to the throne of Sweden-Norway.

1898: Lord Kitchener’s ships reach Fashoda, Sudan.

1899: Scott Joplin is granted the copyright for his composition Maple Leaf Rag.

1906: A typhoon and tsunami kills an estimated 10,000 people in Hong Kong.

1914: The Battle of Aisne ends with the Germans beating the French. On the same day, General Paul von Hindenburg is named commander of German armies on the Eastern Front. Also, the Irish Home Rule bill receives Royal assent.

1918: The Battle of Megiddo begins in Palestine.

1922: Hungary is admitted to The League of Nations.

1926: Frenchman René Lacoste wins the US National Tennis Championships, beating countryman Jean Borotra 6-4, 6-0, 6-4.

1928: Juan de la Cierva flies the first helicopter above the English Channel.

1934: The USSR is admitted to The League of Nations.

1939: William Joyce’s first Nazi propaganda broadcast as Lord Haw Haw. On the same day, painter Gwen John dies aged 63.

1942: The order for “extermination of asocials through labour” is approved by Nazi Minister of Justice, Otto Thierack.

1945: Blues singer Blind Willie Johnson dies of malarial fever and syphilis at 48.

1946: Joe Louis KOs Tami Mauriello in the first round for the heavyweight boxing title.

1947: The Central Intelligence Agency officially comes into existence after being established by President Harry Truman in July. On the same day, the US Air Force is created as a separate military service by the passing of the National Security Act.

1955: Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara marries Peruvian economist Hilda Gadea in Mexico.

1959: Vanguard 3 is launched into Earth orbit.


Singles chart:

  1. Only Sixteen – Craig Douglas
  2. Living Doll – Cliff Richard and the Drifters
  3. Here Comes Summer – Jerry Keller
  4. Lonely Boy – Paul Anka
  5. China Tea – Russ Conway
  6. Lipstick On Your Collar – Connie Francis
  7. Mona Lisa – Conway Twitty
  8. Someone – Johnny Mathis
  9. The Heart Of A Man – Frankie Vaughan
  10. Battle Of New Orleans – Lonnie Donegan
1960: Elvis Presley – Elvis Is Back!

1960: Album chart:

  1. Down Drury Lane To Memory Lane – 101 Strings
  2. South Pacific – Original Soundtrack
  3. Elvis Is Back – Elvis Presley
  4. At The Oxford Union – Gerard Hoffnung
  5. It’s Everly Time – The Everly Brothers
  6. My Fair Lady – Original Broadway Cast
  7. Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! – Original Soundtrack
  8. Oliver! – Original London Cast
  9. The Great Caruso – Mario Lanza
  10. Elvis Golden Records Volume 2 – Elvis Presley

1961: The body of UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold is identified among the wreckage of a plane which crashed outside the Northern Rhodesian town of Ndola.

1962: Rwanda, Burundi, Jamaica and Trinidad are admitted to the United Nations.

1964: Irish playwright Sean O’Casey dies aged 84.

1970: Guitarist Jimi Hendrix dies in his sleep from choking on his own vomit at a house where he was staying in Notting Hill.

1972: The first Ugandan refugees fleeing the persecution of dictator Idi Amin arrive in Britain.

1973: West Germany and East Germany are admitted to the UN.

1974: Hurricane Fifi strikes Honduras, killing 5,000.

1975: Kidnapped heiress-turned-bank robber Patti Hearst is captured by the FBI in San Francisco.

1977: US Voyager I takes the first space photograph of Earth and the Moon together.

1979: Bolshoi Ballet dancers Leonid & Valentina Kozlov defect to the west.

1981: Gary Numan takes off on a round the world trip in a single engine Cessna plane. The attempt endss after he is forced to land in India where local police arrest him.

1987: The US and USSR sign an accord to remove mid range missiles.

1990: Atlanta is chosen to host the 1996 Olympics. On the same day, Lichtenstein is admitted to the UN.

1991: Rob Tyner (Robert Derminer), of the band MC5 dies from a heart attack aged 46 while sat in his parked car. On the same day, Yugoslavia begins a naval blockade of seven Adriatic port cities.

1996: At Sotheby’s in London, Julian Lennon successfully bids £21,000 for the recording notes for Hey Jude, the song Paul McCartney wrote for him.

2003: The Local Government Act 2003, repealing the controversial Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988, receives Royal Assent.

2004: Britney Spears marries dancer Kevin Federline in Los Angeles.

2006: Country singer Willie Nelson and four members from his band are charged with drug possession after marijuana and magic mushrooms are found on his tour bus. On the same day, right wing protesters riot at the building of Hungarian Television in Budapest, a day after an audio tape was made public in which Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány admitted he and his party lied during the 2006 general election.

2007: Pervez Musharraf announces that he will step down as army chief and restore civilian rule to Pakistan, but only after he is re-elected president. On the same day, Buddhist monks join anti-government protesters in Myanmar, starting the ‘Saffron Revolution’.

2012: The world’s first mother-to-daughter uterus transplant is undertaken at the University of Gothenburg.

2014: Scotland votes to stay a member of the UK in an independence referendum. On the same day, actress Emma Watson delivers an address to a standing ovation at UN Headquarters in New York City, helping launch the UN Women campaign HeForShe, which calls for men to advocate for gender equality.

2017: Hurricane Maria passes over the Caribbean island of Dominica as a category 5 hurricane, destroying 90% of structures.

2018: China announces new $60 billion tariffs on US imports, a day after the US imposes $200 billion worth of new tariffs on Chinese goods. On the same day, South Africa’s constitutional court legalizes cannabis use by adults in private places.

2020: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, asssociate justice of the US Supreme Court dies aged 87.

BIRTHDAYS: Robert Blake, actor, 89; Frankie Avalon, singer, 83; Alex Stepney, goalkeeper, 80; Kerry Livgren, guitar/keyboards/songwriter (Kansas) 73; Peter Shilton, goalkeeper, 73; John Aldridge, footballer/manager, 64; Joanne Catherall, singer (Human League) 60; John Fashanu, footballer/TV presenter, 60; Tara Fitzgerald, actress, 55; Lance Armstrong, cycle cheat, 51; Jada Pinkett Smith, actress, 51; James Marsden, actor, 49; Sol Campbell, footballer/manager/pundit, 48; Jason Sudeikis, comedy actor/writer, 47; Ronaldo, Brazilian footballer, 46 Dizzee Rascal (Dylan Kwabena Mills), rapper, 38; Chris Eubank Jr, boxer, 33; Christian Pulisic, footballer, 24.