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1564: Robert Dudley becomes Earl of Leicester.

1650: Henry Robinson opens the first marriage bureau in the UK

1793: Tennis is first mentioned in a sporting magazine.

1829: The first Metropolitan Police appear on the streets of London.

1911: Italy declares war against Turkey.

1913: Engineer Rudolph Diesel disappears aboard the ship Dresden in the English Channel.

1916: American oil tycoon John D Rockefeller becomes the world’s first billionaire.

1941: Joe Louis wins the heavyweight boxing title, beating Lou Nova.

1944: Soviet troops invade Yugoslavia.

1961: Bob Dylan’s first recording session as a backup harmonica player for Caroline Hester.

1981: Death of legendary football manager Bill Shankly.

1997: Death of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

BIRTHDAYS: Jerry Lee Lewis, rock n roll legend, 84; Silvio Berlusconi, Italian politician, 83; Ian McShane, actor, 77; Patricia Hodge, actress, 73; Lord Sebastian Coe, former athlete, 63; Matt and Luke Goss (Bros) musicians, 51; Mackenzie Crook, actor, 48; Robert Webb, actor/comedian/writer,, 47; Per Mertesacker, footballer, 35.


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