It happened today – this day in history – September 7

1522: Ferdinand Magellan’s ship the Vittoria, under the command of Del Cano, arrived in San Lucar, Spain, after completing the first circumnavigation of the world. Magellan was not present, having been killed in action on the island of Mactan.

1533: Queen Elizabeth I was born at Greenwich Palace in London, the first born daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn.

1630: The town of Trimountaine in Massachusetts is renamed Boston.

1812: Napoleon’s forces marching to Moscow defeated the Russians at the Battle of Borodino, 70 miles west of the city.

1838: Grace Darling, 22, daughter of a lighthouse keeper, made the famous rescue of the crew of the steamship Forfarshire, shipwrecked near the Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast.

1888: An incubator is used for the first time on a premature infant.

1892: ‘Gentleman’ James (Jim) J Corbett beat John L Sullivan in 21 rounds in New Orleans and became the first world heavyweight boxing champion under Queensberry rules – with gloves and three-minute rounds.

1901: The Peace of Peking ended the Boxer Rising in China.

1912: French aviator Roland Garros sets an altitude record of 13,200 feet.

1921: The first Miss America beauty contest was held in Atlantic City.

1936: Buddy Holly (Charles Hardin Holley), rock singer and guitarist, was born.

1940: Germany’s blitz against London begins during the Battle of Britain.

1953: Nikita Krushchev is elected first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

1978: Keith Moon, manic drummer with rock group The Who, died of a drug overdose.

1986: Bishop Desmond Tutu was appointed Archbishop of Cape Town, the first black head of South African Anglicans.

ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: An Asda store revealed it had to order more shopping baskets, due to the number of customers taking them home as the supermarket chain phased out single-use 5p carrier bags.

BIRTHDAYS: Sonny Rollins, jazz musician, 89; Gloria Gaynor, singer, 72; Chrissie Hynde, rock singer, 68; Julie Kavner, voiceover actress (Marge Simpson), 69; Corbin Bernsen, actor, 65; Marcel Desailly, former footballer, 51; Angie Everhart, actress and model, 50; Shannon Elizabeth, actress, 46; Evan Rachel Wood, actress, 32.